Friday, 8 January 2016

My Birth Story

Everyone loves a good birth story right ?

Firstly I would just like to say - it was far from my natural pool birth I had first imagined - but that's the thing about birth - you can only plan so much, and you have to go with what's best for you and the baby in the end and I always tried hard to think about this and not be disappointed with the result. So please be kind and remember everyone has their own stories.

It's been 7 weeks now and I am only just able to get my laptop out to write this up - and that's because I'm staying up past my 9pm bedtime ! Newborns take up a lot of time and energy - I will write about this soon !

So on to the birth story - just to fill you in, I had gestational diabetes in pregnancy so I had an induction booked in for 6 days after my due date - which happened to be Friday 13th, can you believe it! I was told chances of her coming on this day were slim however ha.

My due date came and went. I was totally happy with this though - I absolutely loved being pregnant, loved my bump and never for one second got to that point where I was fed up and 'wanted her out'. It's amazing how many people ask you 'is there a baby yet' though ! ha, again I wasn't annoyed as I know people were just excited.

The morning of my induction I suddenly felt quite anxious, for weeks I had been going to bed wondering if that could have been the night (which was so strange!!) and the day had come for us calmly to go in to hospital. I was really happy about this aspect of the process as I was worried about working out when was the right time to go to hospital being in labour, so it was nice to get the car packed and drive there not being in any pain.

I had been meaning to do some hypnobirth in pregnancy but for various reasons hadn't really got around to it properly but I was part of a Facebook group - the calm birth school and in a little panic I emailed Suzy and asked if I could get the MP3s to have a listen to. She very kindly sorted this out for me and sent them over but the best piece of advice she gave me was to do what I could to increase my endorphins. So, I ran a bath, with my favourite pink bath bomb, lit my favourite candle and played my relaxing labour playlist I had set up on spotify. It really worked and calmed me down.

We arrived at the hospital and were shown up to the induction room. It might sound silly to some, but I was so nervous about getting the pessary as I had had a sweep a few days earlier and oh my gosh did it hurt ! I mentioned my concern to the midwife and she very kindly got me some gas and air so don't be afraid to ask ! It was amazing.

This initial one was for 24 hours and nothing happened. We wandered the hospital, went for food, even had another visit from my parents who I had said 'see you on the other side' a few times to already. I have never been in to hospital before, but I somehow managed to feel really relaxed and calm. We were shown to the ward and had a bed next to the window which was lovely as the sun was shining. Then it was time for the next pessary (and the gas and air again!) and this time, my waters broke.

It was 2:30am and Si had gone home but I was woken to a contraction and what felt like a trickle of water. I pressed my call bell and the lovely midwife came to see me. She asked me if I'd been to the toilet yet and I said no as I was too scared to stand up haha ! Sure enough, when I did - gush. Definitely something happening.

I left it a little while as has been told it would be a few hours yet and text Si to let him know to come in in the morning! I managed to snooze a little in between contractions whilst timing them on my app.

By the time he arrived, they were a little more intense that I had to stop and breath through them. It was getting exciting. I was never nervous, just so excited and happy.

We were then taken up to the labour ward about 11am. I thought long and hard about pain relief as I had been pretty open minded up until now, but having needed gas and air for the pessary - I decided to opt for an epidural. Something I didn't think I would, but I am SO glad I did and you'll see why.

I still managed to stay calm through all this and even snoozed through contractions. I could still feel them and my legs too a little, but no pain, I have to say it was absolute bliss. It was quite strange however to not experience the whole long pushing stage squeezing Si's hand and screaming - but I was OK with that. I had a further drip to speed things up a little but we were told to expect her late that evening or in the early hours, so I was saying it was a shame I was going to have a different midwife to the lovely one I had had all day as she finished at 8:30pm. I got through so many over my 4 night stay - but all of them were so lovely.

It got to about 7pm and Si had just come back from having some dinner and the midwife was out the room and I noticed her heart rate had dropped quite dramatically on the monitor. I called her in right away and she called the registrar to take a look. In about 3 - 4 hours I had gone from 1cm to fully dilated and she could see her head !

She told me not to worry but it was now an emergency situation because of her heart rate dropping and they needed to get her out asap. With forceps. So many people came in the room and I think an alarm sounded. It was all very busy and could have been scary but luckily in our ante natal class we had been told about the number of people that might rush in, so I knew that it was OK and they all had a job to do.

I listened carefully to what she was telling me and pushed. I could feel the pressure when she crowned and it was so amazing. I think I pushed about 4 times and she was out. The official time of this stage was 14 minutes. Crazy.

She was put right on me but I told them to go and get her checked out, I just wanted her to be OK. She had the cord around her neck twice which has caused the drop in heart beat.

After what seemed like a lifetime she cried. And I cried. She was all cleaned up and put on me for a cuddle, I can't even explain what this felt like. I couldn't quite believe she was here as it all happened so quickly. She was perfect.

She then had a slight grunty breath however so was taken away again to the intensive care unit for some tests. I remember watching her being taken away, not knowing if she would come back, but at the same time, thinking that my Mum had ben through this with me when I was born, so it would be OK. Again it seemed like forever, but she was brought back about an hour later (I think it's all a bit of a blur).

I remember when it was just me and Si in the room when she was away, it all just hit me and I cried for about 20 minutes solid. Uncontrollably. It's such a crazy experience, but the most wonderful too. I couldn't believe our baby girl was here.

We then had a little bit of time to compose ourselves when she came back and came to terms with what just happened so quickly and then called our families to share our wonderful news. We were parents. So amazing & everyone was so happy.

I am so glad looking back that I had the epidural as I was able to stay calm when it all happened and they got her out safely. This was my main concern all along so I was happy.

It's so emotional thinking back to and I am sure I will share lots more but for now that's the main story of the birth of my beautiful little girl.

She had a mark on her little face from the forceps when she was born but it was virtually gone the next day.

I have to say - my stay in hospital was incredible and I can't thank the staff at St Richards Chichester enough - they were all so wonderful, I really miss them as you really become close to them - they are such wonderful midwifes!

My lovely diabetic one, Natasha even found me after she was born to come and have a cuddle, it was so lovely.

Anyway, to those of you who don't follow me on Instagram - Evie Michelle Inglis-Lisher was born at 7:24pm on 15th November 2015 and we are so totally in love with her.

These past 7 weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions (I'll go in to that later) but it's been the most incredible time of my life.

Here are a few pics from the day and I will share more soon ! Let me know if theres anything you'd like to know and I'll be happy to answer!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rebel Kitchen Mylks


OK, so I just had to share with you my love for these Rebel Kitchen Mylks. 

I literally have one of the small choco ones a day - they totally curb my chocolate and sweet cravings and are just so delicious. They are made from hardly any ingredients and they are all natural. The choco ones for example are just coconut milk, water, date nectar & cacao. Perfect if you have a dairy intolerance and are avoiding added sugar ! 

How cute is the packaging too ! 

Now the weather is turning a little autumnal I sometimes lightly heat one up and have it as a hot chocolate - it's so delicious you don't need to add anything else to it. 

I've also used them in porridge too ! 

You can buy them online from their website or I know Waitrose stock them as I pretty much buy them all whenever I am in ! They are on offer at the moment for £2 a pack for the small ones. 

On their website you can sign up to a subscription (er hello yes please) and you can even buy vouchers ! 

Christmas idea for anyone who needs it !!

I was also SO excited to see them in a little deli in West Bay recently & my local farm shop, so hopefully they will pop up in more and more shops as they are such a great alternative to all the sugary drinks out there ! 

Let me know if you have tried them and what you think ! Mmm I'm off to have one now - keep them in the fridge so you can enjoy them nice and cold ! 

Note: Rebel Kitchen did send me these to try ages ago and since then I have honestly bought SO many more ! They are so good. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Learning to Crochet

I dabbled in a little bit of crochet about a year ago but haven't tried anything for ages so decided to give it a go again recently. With the upcoming baby I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try and make a few lovely bits for her.

The first thing I want to make is a blanket.... so far I only have a square, but I just wanted to share how I did it.

Sarah from Bella Coco - a lovely lady I have been following for some time has a beautiful Instagram account and some amazing You Tube Videos so I started there. The video was really clear and concise although I have to admit it did take me about 3 hours one morning to even get this far. The amount of times I started, failed and then started again - BUT I was determined and was SO SO chuffed with my little square ! SO don't be put off if it seems tricky and you want to master it - just keep at it !

Then I wanted to make one of these lovely roses I had seen her make so I followed this video and made this cute little one for a dummy clip I made. Again it was a little fiddly at first and I had to stop the video a few times, plus it helps to keep a note of your stitches by writing them down. I was super happy with how it turned out though ! Sarah also has beginners videos which are great at teaching what the basic stitches are.

Most recently I have wanted to try a crochet basket ! I got my Grandma some zpagetti yarn to try but she is losing her sight so struggled a bit with it so I decided to try myself and followed this ladies video on You Tube. I skipped the bit about making your own t shirt yarn. Mine also started to 'curl' up at the edges too soon so I think my tension may have been a bit too tight, but I am still really pleased with the finished basket. You can't see the holes here and a couple of messy bits at the back, but I love it anyway!! How cute does it look with her little bunnies inside waiting for her.

Anyway I hope this inspires you to give crochet a go if you have been wanting too and if you are a pro and have any tips or know of anything lovely you think I'd like to try next - please let me know !

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pregnancy Pillow

Since before I was even pregnant, we had a V pillow in the house. So I started using this when I became pregnant to try and sleep a bit more comfortably.

I have always been such a good sleeper but with certain comforts that disappear with pregnancy along with the pressure of trying to sleep on your left hand side (after 16 - 20 weeks) I was struggling to sleep.

So I did a bit of research and found this Theraline original pillow had great reviews and was super excited to try it.

When it came - I took it out the box and I think I pretty much lay on the sofa with it and had an awesome nap.

It's much longer than the v pillow and the inside is like the filling of a beanbag and can only be described as so 'touchy feely'. It's SO easy to move the filling to where you want it, you might want more or less under your head or between your knees.

You kind of just sink in to it too - it's seriously like the pillow is giving you a hug ! It's described as feeling like sand - but as light as a feather - which it is !

My favourite way to use the pillow is in front of me, with the top bit under my head and the bottom bit between my knees. I also use it to sit up in bed behind me and read - it's really supportive and I think it will be really great for when it comes to feeding.

Image: John Lewis

I have also been putting it behind me to stop me rolling on to my back and there is still enough of it to come through my knees and up in front of my belly.

I can really recommend this pillow to anyone who is struggling to get comfy at night when pregnant and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

You can buy it from John Lewis or Theraline and find out much more about the benefits.

Let me know if you buy one or have one yourself and what you think ! Every mama to be should have one !

Here's to a cosy nights sleep :)

This is not a sponsored post, but I was sent a pillow to see if I liked it and I LOVE it and would totally buy it myself and will recommend to any friends in their future pregnancies.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gender Reveal

Some of you may have already seen on Instagram but we know the gender of our baby...

When I discovered Baby Bond and the fact you could find out the gender of your baby at 16 weeks, I had a quick chat with Si and we decided almost instantly to book a scan.

My family all knew the scan date for the gender reveal at 20 weeks, so we thought it would be a nice surprise to not tell them about this one - and pop round and surprise them all early !!

It didn't quite go to plan though as my Mum, Dad, Sister and her fiancé had planned a last minute trip away for the weekend - so the plan was to wait until they got back to tell them. I couldn't wait though and didn't like the thought of them not knowing, so we told them the plan and they were going to wait until they got back to find out.... that didn't go to plan either, but ill get back to that later.

So anyway, we only had about 4 days to keep it quiet and it was crazy to get our heads around the fact we were going to know so soon!

I have always just thought I would have a girl, thats why I wanted to find out, just so I could mentally prepare for a boy (obviously being happy either way) and Si wanted to know too so that was good !

I couldn't sleep the night before I was SO excited and nervous, its such a huge deal knowing before I think as you won't get that 'surprise' when the baby is born so it's kind of a big deal at this point.

Anyway, we turned up and were given lovely drinks whilst we waited to go through. We went to the Portsmouth one and it was really nice inside. The lady was really lovely and explained everything first and gave Si a picture of what we were looking for.

We had about 10 minutes of the scan before we found out ... the baby was hiding and in a funny position so I had to move about quite a bit to get the right angle, but suddenly, she said..... 'Ooh I can see 3 little white lines......" this meant GIRL !! It's a girl !!! I couldn't believe it. Well I could, but I was just SO overwhelmed with happiness, it just felt SO right.

She was wriggling about so much we got to watch her for another 10 minutes or so and we even bought a DVD of the scan - something SO precious to keep forever. Our families have LOVED watching this too. It's been so special to share it with them !

We left feeling so excited and I headed straight for John Lewis. I know it sounds silly and cliche but I had seen the most beautiful changing mat (I know its early) but I just couldn't bear to wait ! Click here to see how beautiful it is !! We also bought a cute little pink bunny to remember the day we found out.

I had then made some blue & pink cards for the families so we could share the news. They had either you are going to have a Granddaughter, Grandson, Niece or Nephew and It's a girl or It's a boy too ! I also had balloons with either 'its a girl or 'its a boy' on them and sprinkles to put in the cards !

The designs are here if you'd like to use them.  It's a girl  It's a boy Granddaughter Grandson Niece Nephew

So I made up the cards in the car and off we went to tell Si's family. Everyone was SO shocked and surprised we had been, so it was SO much fun to tell everyone ! They are all over the moon (I think) Especially Si's brother and wife as they have a little girl, so they can be best friends :)

SO on to my family .... I COULD NOT, NOT TELL THEM - so we got them on Facetime and broke the happy news !! It wasn't quite how I wanted to tell them, but I couldn't know and have them not know - so we decided to tell them and they are SO happy and excited !!

We are so so happy about meeting our little girl and just feel so blessed and excited for this journey !

How did you reveal your gender if you found out ? I'd love to hear !

Thanks for reading,

Michelle x

P.S If you would like to know prices check here for more info.