Monday, 22 April 2013

Coffee Table Makeover

When we moved in to our new flat we scoured the local charity shops in search of some furniture. We got a few really fab pieces, one of which was this coffee table for a fabulous £9.50 ! It was a present from some of our nearest and dearest too which made it even better :)

I am sorry though as I don't have a before photo but it was a dark wood.

So we took to the sander and gave it an all over rub ! We then added a coat of white undercoat paint and finished off with a coat of white cotton paint which is a slightly off white. The same as the chairs we did !

What I love about the table is the removable glass top. (and the pretty legs) This means I can change the design of it with my mood or the seasons ! As I did at Easter !

So at the moment I have this gorgeous Laura Ashley wallpaper in there, leftover from my lovely sis in law's lounge !

So I encourage you all to have a little trip to your local charity shops and see what bargains you can find and see what you can create for yourselves !! :) 

Inspired by Cherry Menlove !

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