Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crochet Organiser Makeover

OK, so I haven't actually started crocheting yet. I can't get the hang of it, but we all need a pretty space to keep all those essentials in right ? 

I saw this lovely fabric rack in The Works for a bargain price of £3.99. I wanted to jazz it up a little bit and make it more personal. 

As I mentioned in my first crochet post, my Grandma had started a crochet rose for me to finish and I now knew exactly what I was going to do with it. 

So I started by painting the legs white. (they were a very light wood colour).

The fabric doesn't come off so I just shuffled it across so I could paint as much of the wood that was on show. 

You can see the white paint better here.

Then the finishing touches. I finished off the rose, by sewing it all together and adding a little flower button. 

So this is now a lovely little keepsake - something both me and my Grandma made together. 

I then sewed it on to the material on the front as below. 

To finish it off, I have been making these lovely wooden tags recently, and had the perfect spotty ribbon to match so I made a 'Crochet' tag to match !! What do you think ?

I am really happy with it and will think of my lovely Grandma each time I see it :)

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