Sunday, 14 April 2013

Great British Baby Shower

My lovely friend Lizzy had a beautiful baby girl recently and I was chuffed to help out on the desserts for her 'Great British Baby Shower'. Her and her husband now live in Hawaii so this was a perfect theme for her UK baby shower. 

I did a selection of desserts including these lovely strawberry cupcakes ! I used the wonderful Peggy Porshen recipe (but left out the champagne !) They were delicious. I got the cake stand and cupcakes from Poundland !

There was pink lemonade (instead of Champagne), chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows, two types of cheesecake, scones & personalised bags of sweeties !! 

The cheesecakes were one of the Oreo ones from a previous blog and I adapted the other one and replaced the oreos with Crunchies - this one proved the most popular !

The table looked lovely and I got so many lovely comments about everything !! 

Here's the little sweetie bags ! I filled them with Jelly Babies & Foxes fruits (special union jack ones). They made the most perfect grown up party bags for the guests to take home ! The tags were really easy to do, I just printed them out, folded them over (so make sure the image is on top of the text - and upside down if using an image that needs to be the right way up) and staple them to the clear cellophane bags ! Voila !

A lovely afternoon had by all :)

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