Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy Easter !

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Break and are starting to recover from your chocolate comas !

I thought I would share with you a few lovely things from mine ! Above are these awesome tissue paper pom poms that I have been wanting to try for ages and they were really easy to do ! I just followed these easy instructions. The 'Happy Easter' sign came from Sainsburys !

This was the lovely Easter card I got from my Parents - isn't it the prettiest card you've ever seen ! So lovely !

I love daffodils. The pot is from good old Ikea.

This is my beautiful table that we recently painted white. It has a removable glass panel so I thought I could 'theme' it depending on the season ! So using some lovely Easter coloured card I had and some sprinkles I made a little sign for the middle and voila. 

No Easter is complete in my household without the good old Shredded Wheat chocolate nests ! Yummy !

We went to visit Thomas Hardys house in Dorchester where we did an Easter Egg hunt ! (No we didn't have any children with us) I had a go on one of the old typewriters in his house.

Me and the Boyf weren't doing big eggs for each other this year (as we knew there would be so much chocolate) and we saw these cute little girl and boy hens by Lindt ! The perfect little treat for each other ! 

I made some yummy biscuits for my guests to decorate ! 

For pudding I did a simple meringue nest with whipped up Elmlea cream and topped it with Waitrose toffee sauce, mini eggs, chopped up fudge pieces and a pretty little wafer flower :) 

Finally here are the gifts I made. I got the little baskets from the Range and filled them with chocolate eggs, Lindt bunnies for the girls and smarties hens for the men ! Then I made the painted wooden eggs as tags and little keepsakes. 

Happy Easter all and good luck with the diets ;) 

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