Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hot Water & Lemon

Good Morning All !

So what's so good about hot water & lemon ? I always have a little mug of it in the morning. My Grandparents always drink hot water in the morning so I guess I got it from them.

It's so good to kick start the body for the day !

Add a slice of lemon, as it's full of vitamin C and potassium so it will help boost your immune system !

I've read they also aid weight loss and help digestion ! They can even help reduce wrinkles and give you clearer skin !

I might just put the whole lemon in next time !


Take one lemon and slice ! Lay them out on some foil in the freezer.

Each morning, boil the kettle, let it cool a little so its warm, not boiling, add to your favourite mug, pop in a lemon ice cube and voila ! It will melt in the hot water! 

Enjoy !  


  1. Very true, lemon does wonders of good for our bodies. Placing slices in the freezer is a good idea! I will do that from now on :)

  2. Ah thanks Karyn ! Glad I could help. Enjoy x