Friday, 31 May 2013

Cake Decorating Caddy

OK this is a random post and I hope you don't mind, it's about being tidy - which is something I am NOT very good at ! So when I saw this little beauty in Hobbycraft - I had to have it ! 

It's by Wilton and I was oober excited when I discovered my food colours fitted perfectly in the holes ! Snazzy ! 

So, I guess I just wanted to inspire you to have a tidy up of those drawers - see what you've actually got hiding in there... and then to bake something with what you forgot you had ! Mine was some amazing chocolate transfer sheets I forgot I had! Happy baking !

Have a lovely weekend ! x 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Really Lovely Review - Cherry Menlove

This weeks 'Really Lovely' review is another gorgeous book, this time from the lovely Cherry Menlove.

I was introduced to the Cherry Menlove by my lovely Sister in law and I have followed her lovely blog for over a year now. I love that she is always creating something lovely - whatever it might be, it is sure to be always really lovely !

Her blog is the kind, that when you see her post pop up on Facebook, you stop what you do, grab a coffee and enjoy a peak in to her life for 10 minutes. And what a lovely life it is. She is getting to create and do the things she loves and share it with us all. Her children are just the cutest too !

So, I was really excited about her debut book release and actually ordered it over a year ago ! But it finally arrived recently and one for my Sister in law too!

Firstly, it's the perfect 'coffee table' book ! How pretty are the colours, and Cherry herself too of course.

Then you delve inside. It's set out in chapters relating to events which is such a great idea and works beautifully.

I have to say, I was inspired to create on the first page ! Her Valentines Heart card reminded me I had been wanting to try sewing on to card for some time, and this started me off with my new craze !

I really want to try the strawberry rose marshmallows too ! My last attempt ended up in the bin !! I accidentally used beef gelatin - be warned!

Then there's the Rosemary & olive focaccia bread - YUM, ooh and the Spring Lemon Meringue Tartlets !!

And I cannot wait for Christmas to the mince pies !! (I know it's only May!)

I'm not going to go on - you really should see for yourselves !

It's a beautiful mix of baking, cooking and crafting and is sure to inspire you to create something really lovely !

You also have the opportunity to meet Cherry at this upcoming event with Sainsburys- which I am going to - and hear all about her success and her story of blogging ! I can't wait to meet her and hear all she has to offer ! OH and did I mention it's an afternoon tea with prosecco - YUM.

I may sneak my book along too for a signing :)

Do make sure if you don't already, to check out Cherrys beautiful website and you can order her lovely book here.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pretty Peonies

I LOVE Peonies so this is my favourite time of year !

Last year I missed out on the lovely light pink ones that Sainsburys had in and they don't seem to have them this year - I am hoping just may be not yet.

BUT I visited my local florist and managed to pink up these little beauties!

Do let me know if you hunt down any light pink ones please and I hope you all enjoy your Peonies while they last ! x 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Race for Life !

I just thought I would let you all know what I did last weekend !! Puffing & Panting for 40 minutes about describes it !

I took part in Cancer Researches Race for Life with my lovely Sister in Law!

It was a wonderful journey of training ! My lovely other half decided he would support me and has been training with me, so I am so thankful for that ! I don't think I would have managed it with out him !

We downloaded the 5K app and it's really good because it starts you off really slowly, running for a minute, walking for a minute, that sort of thing ! Then gradually builds up over the weeks, until you can run for 35 minutes !!

The atmosphere on the day was amazing and there were people on every corner cheering for you - it really kept you going !

My wonderful parents came to support us and our wonderful men too !

Here we are raring to go !! (or trying to keep dry)

And here we are crossing the finishing line !!

When we finished we got a lovely medal, a brioche and this fab PINK water ! 

I raced for:

I raised a fantastic £200.00 for Cancer Research so thank you to all those who sponsored me - it really is a super cause and I highly recommend any of you ladies taking part in the future !!

We finished off the day with a wonderful meal and delicious pudding of course at the lovely Lulworth Cove Inn. LOOK at my flaming creme brulee !

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Little Things - Sunsets

So my little 'moment' this week came from the lovely Ballet I went to see last week. It was Sleeping Beauty by the wonderful Vienna Festival Ballet.

The Ballet itself was beautiful. It's so mesmerising to watch. 

In the interval we popped in to the Denton lounge Bar and there was the loveliest sunset out to sea. 

They have these huge windows with the most incredible view. 

It's not my best sunset photo (I take a lot) but there was something so calm about it. The sea was calm. 

So after a cuppa and the most delicious chocolate button cheesecake, off we went back to our seats to watch the second act of the beautiful ballet. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wooden Box Makeover

OK, so it's a bank holiday weekend - what that means for most people is a weekend of family & friends, or creating, baking - all those lovely things ! 

For me, it's moving. So I am sneaking this in whilst the other half if taking a table apart and I need your help ! 

We recently helped my Grandma clear out her garage and I came across this lovely little wooden box. This picture is deceiving, it's quite small, only about 25cm wide. SO.....what should I do with it ?

Thinking paint, and something cute to the front recessed areas ? If you have any ideas - I would LOVE to hear them ! 

I'm not even sure what I will use it for yet - crafting I think. It could hold some tools, or washi tape maybe - ooh ! 

So, let me know and I will keep you posted on how it turns out :) 

Thank you & have a lovely bank holiday weekend ! 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Pinterest Love

This weeks craft pin comes from the very talented Holly Becker from Decor8 and is this very pretty gift tag. You know about my love affair with Washi Tape and ooooh looky here...

I LOVE the fabric used for the ribbon and you could cut and stick your own pieces of fabric on the tags and mix it up with some washi tape ! I will definitely be trying these soon, how gorgeous !

You can read the full blog post here.

Follow Holly on Pinterest

This weeks baking pin comes from the one and only Peggy Porschen and is in the form of pretty yummy looking little cinnamon doughnuts.  I have never made doughnuts before and I am thinking these would be a good place to start ! How gorgeous do they look ! 

You can find the recipe in her gorgeous Boutique Baking Book and c/o You & Your Wedding, here.

Make sure you follow Peggy on Pinterest. 

Happy Saturday x 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Really Lovely Review - A Beautiful Mess App

This weeks 'Really Lovely' review is the most amazing app ever ! No really !

I have been totally addicted the new app from the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess! 

I saw on Twitter that it was released last week and I downloaded it straight away ! I was more than happy to pay the 69p. I even ended up buying more of the bundles as they are just too adorable to refuse !

You may have noticed I recently became a fan of adding writing to my images, but this takes it to the next level !

Instagram went crazy for it ! I was following the hashtag #abeautifulmess on the first day and the creativity it was sparking was amazing !!

You can use your own photos or a selection of backgrounds, add filters, doodle and phrases !

It really is amazing and I am totally in love with it !!

Below are some of my creations !!! Have you downloaded it ? If not, go to iTunes and get creating. Do it !!! x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Grown Up Tom & Jerry Cupcakes

I got my new cupcake cups the other day from the lovely Iced Jems and wanted to try something 'Strawberry' with them.

I LOVED these cupcakes when I was little so I thought I would try and re create some of that nostalgia in these, with an added 'grown up' twist.

For the mixture I went for a healthier & dairy free recipe, swapping the butter for sunflower oil. It was a super easy mixture of 100g self raising flour, 100g caster sugar, 2 eggs and 100g of sunflower oil ! 

Then I added pink food colouring. I did then add a touch more flour until I got this consistency below. 


Then added the mixture to my new lovely cupcake cups.

Pop them in the oven at 170 for about 15 minutes, until risen and firm to the touch. Let them cool completely before icing. 

Now the grown up part !! .....

For the icing, I used the good old fashion icing method from the original cakes, BUT instead of water, I used Prosecco ! Yummy ! 

So pop a little in a bowl and stir in the icing sugar until you get the right consistency. Try not to drink it all!  Make sure it's not runny but thin enough to spread over the cupcake. 

As the finishing touch, I added a pretty daisy wafer and added a few sprinkles of freezed dried strawberries and marshmallow to some of them and voila ! 

I do realise there's no actual 'Strawberry' flavour in these ones, I didn't have any - but next time I would add this to the cake !

 LOOK, the pink cake ! Yummy ! 

So there you go, yummy, healthier, dairy free, grown up Tom & Jerry Cupcakes ! :) 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fruitburst Breakfast Muffins

Here's a lovely healthy recipe for a breakfast treat! 

I was staying with my Parents last week and this is one of the many perks ! 

There was the amazing smell of 'fresh from the oven' muffins wafting throughout the house as my Mum was making these little beauties !! 

Making them a little healthier by using half plain and half wholemeal flour she followed the BBC Good Food recipe here.

They are super filling and if you're one of those people who struggles to find something yummy and healthy for breakfast, these could be for you ! 

They are really tasty too!  At 243 calories each, they are great if you are on the run or just love the idea of a muffin with your cuppa ! My Mum has hers cold but my Dad pops his in the microwave for 20 seconds ! 

I hope you enjoy & have a good week x 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Washi Tape Pegs

I am having a new love affair with Washi Tape !! It's popping up everywhere and it's so versatile and gorgeous ! 

I had some plain wooden pegs that I had been painting recently and decided to 'Washi Tape' them up ! 

How cute do they look !? 

It was super easy too, just rip off the length you need and stick it to the peg! Then turn it over, and cut of the excess ! Stick the edges down if you have a little overlap ! You could leave them like that, but I cut a slit where you see the silver wire and tucked it down in the grove as shown below ! 

I hope you have fun with some of these yourselves and make sure you show me all your snazzy designs ! 

I have more Washi tape on order from Amazon, I can't wait for the delivery ! Let me know your favourite places to buy it too please! This came from The Range ! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little Things - Nail Varnish

I think I am quite a 'glass half full' type of a girl and one thing I love and that helps with this are all the little things in life that make you smile & feel happy ! They can be tiny, almost not even noticeable... but you get a little buzz out of them ! 

I cherish these moments and thought I would share some of my faves with you to encourage you to take note when they happen to you - and make them count ! 

So, starting off with one of my faves - when I have painted nails ! 

OK, so it sounds so tiny and you all paint your nails right... but I'll go days without them painted, then I do them and EVERYTHING seems so much nicer and fun when they are done ! And whats even better is when they match your top for the day ! 

So, what are your favourite 'Little Things' moments, ooh and do share your fave nail varnish brands & colours with me please! 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pinterest Love

I LOVE Pinterest. Ever since it first came out. It's an amazing space to get lost in, to be inspired and sometimes to end up feeling very jealous indeed.

You just have to pin all of the amazing destination images and perfect house images to your 'Wish List' board and not obsess over them ! ;)

But anyway, it's also such a FAB place for sharing ideas and tutorials on all things craft & baking so I thought each week I would share a couple of my faves that are on my 'To Do List' Board, and maybe inspire you to try them too !

Let me know what you think, and I would love to see anything you try yourselves !

First up is this beautiful Paper Rose Garland.......maybe I should make a 'Spotted' one ?!

This is super pretty and looks quite fiddly, but worth the effort I would say ! 
It comes from Alana Jones - Mann & I hope you like :)

diy paper rose garland

Check out the full tutorial here.

Follow Alana Jones -Mann on Pinterest.

Next up is a simple to follow, yummy looking no bake recipe from Iced Jems. If you  love oreos, and I do....these look amazing ! What I love about these is they look quite simple to do, yet very effective and gorgeous looking, and would definitely impress those who are lucky enough to try one ! 

Check out the full tutorial here.

Follow Iced Jems on Pinterest

So, do please let me know if you try either of these, I would love to hear about them and see your creations ! 

Happy Saturday Everyone !! x