Friday, 10 May 2013

Homemade Pretty Pinboard

I am really excited to share this as I think it's really gorgeous ! 

It's really simple to do. I bought a frame and removed the glass. I then accidentely kneeled on the glass and broke it. I was really annoyed with myself, then realised, I didnt even need it ! Phew ! 

I then painted the frame and left it to dry. I removed the inside card that came with the frame and cut a piece of burlap about an inch bigger all the way around. You could use any material you like here. Then I cut two pieces of foam the same size as the backing board. (Just coloured foam in the kids arts and crafts section) I lay the two pieces of foam in the burlap and cut off the corners and with strong brown tape, folded them over and stuck the edges down. 

Once the frame was dry, I popped the burlap covered foam in to the frame and put the back in place ! 

Gorgeous ! 

You could use it to display your favourite Jewellery:

Or as a simple pin board with a few of your favourite notelets, photos or messages ! 

Or use it as a frame for a keepsake - mine is a gorgeous wooden heart from a friend of mine.

I hope you like and really hope you enjoy making your own homemade pin board !! 

Do let me know what you'll be pinning on yours ! x 

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