Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lulworth & Durdle Door

I love nothing more than exploring beautiful places, and tea & cake ! So I thought I would review lovely places that I come across. Just in case you are ever in the area and you can check them out yourselves ! 

So, in Dorset is Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door. You may have heard about it on the news recently as there was a huge mudslide. The evening that I was there recently ! Thankfully no one was hurt ! 

Anyhoo, we started off with a walk down to Durdle Door. Quite a steep walk and you wouldn't know how beautiful it was from the car park so, trust me, it's well worth it ! 

The first view you come across is this one...

Stunning isn't it. 

Then walking down a bit further the 'door' comes in to view. To learn a little more about Durdle Door have a look here.

We walked down to the cove side and it was so peaceful and beautiful we just sat for a while. 

You could sit here all day couldn't you. 

After a little while however we started the trek back to the car ! Take a bottle of water with you if you go ;) 

We then drove down in to Lulworth. Another little tip, if you have paid the £3 parking (for up to 2 hours I think) and not used it all, take it with you and you can use it for the one in Lulworth too. (We gave ours away though - doh!)

So what can I say about this gorgeous little village. It's so quaint and sweet and lovely ! The first stop for us was the sweet shop ! It looks bigger in the picture but it's actually a really small house ! It's so cute ! And inside it's a delicious fudge and sweet shop ! Ooh and ice cream too ! 

We got a selection of fudge and I would highly recommend the lemon meringue pie fudge ! O h  m y  g o s h ! It was delicious !! (I'm going to try and re create)

We then popped over the road to the hotel / restaurant - The Lulworth Cove Inn. We had tea and my Parents had lattes which they raved about ! (and they know their coffee!)

We all had a giggle about the toilets too - look what was in the ladies !!...

My Dad was happy to check out the mens of course and they had Halle Berry and another bond girl in there, such a clever idea, loved it! 

It was such a lovely day full of gorgeous things so if you are in the area, I really recommend this gorgeous little place ! x

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