Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pinterest Love

I LOVE Pinterest. Ever since it first came out. It's an amazing space to get lost in, to be inspired and sometimes to end up feeling very jealous indeed.

You just have to pin all of the amazing destination images and perfect house images to your 'Wish List' board and not obsess over them ! ;)

But anyway, it's also such a FAB place for sharing ideas and tutorials on all things craft & baking so I thought each week I would share a couple of my faves that are on my 'To Do List' Board, and maybe inspire you to try them too !

Let me know what you think, and I would love to see anything you try yourselves !

First up is this beautiful Paper Rose Garland.......maybe I should make a 'Spotted' one ?!

This is super pretty and looks quite fiddly, but worth the effort I would say ! 
It comes from Alana Jones - Mann & I hope you like :)

diy paper rose garland

Check out the full tutorial here.

Follow Alana Jones -Mann on Pinterest.

Next up is a simple to follow, yummy looking no bake recipe from Iced Jems. If you  love oreos, and I do....these look amazing ! What I love about these is they look quite simple to do, yet very effective and gorgeous looking, and would definitely impress those who are lucky enough to try one ! 

Check out the full tutorial here.

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So, do please let me know if you try either of these, I would love to hear about them and see your creations ! 

Happy Saturday Everyone !! x

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