Thursday, 23 May 2013

Really Lovely Review - A Beautiful Mess App

This weeks 'Really Lovely' review is the most amazing app ever ! No really !

I have been totally addicted the new app from the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess! 

I saw on Twitter that it was released last week and I downloaded it straight away ! I was more than happy to pay the 69p. I even ended up buying more of the bundles as they are just too adorable to refuse !

You may have noticed I recently became a fan of adding writing to my images, but this takes it to the next level !

Instagram went crazy for it ! I was following the hashtag #abeautifulmess on the first day and the creativity it was sparking was amazing !!

You can use your own photos or a selection of backgrounds, add filters, doodle and phrases !

It really is amazing and I am totally in love with it !!

Below are some of my creations !!! Have you downloaded it ? If not, go to iTunes and get creating. Do it !!! x


  1. Eeee! I've just downloaded this and am having so much fun with all the amazing doodles! I haven't even bought any of the extras yet... This will keep me going until I finally get around to learning photoshop! :)

  2. Ahh thank you Alexa & my thinking exactly ! This makes it so easy I just LOVE it !! x Enjoy xx Look forward to seeing some pics x

  3. I think you'll also like the Rhonna Designs app if you haven't seen it already! It costs a tiny bit more but is totally worth it. It is literally jam packed with doodles and text, I've had it for months now and still haven't seen all of the features in it! It's also really controllable too.

    Badgertails x