Thursday, 30 May 2013

Really Lovely Review - Cherry Menlove

This weeks 'Really Lovely' review is another gorgeous book, this time from the lovely Cherry Menlove.

I was introduced to the Cherry Menlove by my lovely Sister in law and I have followed her lovely blog for over a year now. I love that she is always creating something lovely - whatever it might be, it is sure to be always really lovely !

Her blog is the kind, that when you see her post pop up on Facebook, you stop what you do, grab a coffee and enjoy a peak in to her life for 10 minutes. And what a lovely life it is. She is getting to create and do the things she loves and share it with us all. Her children are just the cutest too !

So, I was really excited about her debut book release and actually ordered it over a year ago ! But it finally arrived recently and one for my Sister in law too!

Firstly, it's the perfect 'coffee table' book ! How pretty are the colours, and Cherry herself too of course.

Then you delve inside. It's set out in chapters relating to events which is such a great idea and works beautifully.

I have to say, I was inspired to create on the first page ! Her Valentines Heart card reminded me I had been wanting to try sewing on to card for some time, and this started me off with my new craze !

I really want to try the strawberry rose marshmallows too ! My last attempt ended up in the bin !! I accidentally used beef gelatin - be warned!

Then there's the Rosemary & olive focaccia bread - YUM, ooh and the Spring Lemon Meringue Tartlets !!

And I cannot wait for Christmas to the mince pies !! (I know it's only May!)

I'm not going to go on - you really should see for yourselves !

It's a beautiful mix of baking, cooking and crafting and is sure to inspire you to create something really lovely !

You also have the opportunity to meet Cherry at this upcoming event with Sainsburys- which I am going to - and hear all about her success and her story of blogging ! I can't wait to meet her and hear all she has to offer ! OH and did I mention it's an afternoon tea with prosecco - YUM.

I may sneak my book along too for a signing :)

Do make sure if you don't already, to check out Cherrys beautiful website and you can order her lovely book here.


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