Thursday, 9 May 2013

Really Lovely Review - Peggy Porschen

Every now and again, I am going to review something 'Really Lovely'.     

This could be a book review, a gorgeous place I've been to or something lovely I've found online ! Whatever it is, it promises to be really lovely ! So I hope you enjoy !

Today....the gorgeous Peggy Porschen. Who better to kick things off with. I have been a fan of Peggy Porschen for quite some time now ! How can anyone not be - have you seen her exquisite cakes? No wonder she has created cakes for the likes of Elton John & Stella McCartney to name but a few. 

I am already saving up for my future wedding cake ;)

So, I was super excited to visit her Parlour in Belgravia and sample some of her wonderful delights. It is just such a gorgeous place. 

It was a lovely sunny day too so we were lucky enough to sit outside ! 

Inside the Parlour, there is a glass cabinet of sooo many delicious cakes to choose from ! It's so hard to decide! So, we treated ourselves to a glass of pink champagne, with a cupcake each, followed shortly after by a couple of macarons and a delicious cup of tea ! Perfect! 

Photo : Peggy Porschen Facebook

You feel like royalty here, everything is so pretty and gorgeous, and you can buy lovely things like meringue kisses, jam, her lovely books and aprons too. 

Photo: Peggy Porschen Facebook
This was my strawberry and champagne cupcake ! It really was divine. 

We had the best seat in the house ! 

Have a look here at a gorgeous video from Peggys launch of her Boutique Baking Book - meet Peggy & have a look around the beautiful parlour ! 

It really is a beautiful book - my meringue kisses were from her recipe & I have the Romantic Cakes book which I picked up at the Cake & Bake show last year where I was lucky enough to watch Peggy in action. She made the most beautiful fondant rose. So I will be trying out some of her recipes and sharing them with you - all whilst wearing my apron ! Can you tell I am a fan ;)  You can buy your own too here if you like. 

I would love to attend one of her many beautiful courses at the gorgeous looking Academy one day !

If you haven't already, go check out her wonderful cakes and books and do make a visit to the Parlour if you can, it's just around the corner from Victoria station in Belgravia. 

You can't miss it, it's the prettiest parlour you've ever seen  x 

I'll leave you with some of her beautiful designs.........from Peggys Facebook page.


  1. Hi, I've discovered your beautiful blog through the link posted by Peggy Porschen on FB. I have a little blog, in Spanish, not updated, since I'm still trying to redesign it, but I'd love if you check it out. I too posted a few entries about Peggy last year and even included a link to the same video of the book launching!
    Michelle, you have created a very pretty blog. Congrats and greetings from Spain.

  2. Sorry, here's the link:

  3. Ah thank you so much ! Ooh you lucky thing going to a class ! Lovely blog too thank you x