Monday, 13 May 2013

Seaside Themed Dinner Party

It was my turn to do our Come Dine with Me & I chose a seaside theme ! Being by the sea.

So... I had sticks of rocks with my friends names as the place names, napkins with beach huts on them and kilner jars with stripy straws for the pink lemonade ! 

For starters, we had homemade bread with oil and balsamic vinegar and some olives. 

For the main - Fish & Chips ! But my own homemade healthy version

Which was good, because the pudding was certainly not low fat ! I made 'Hayling Island Glorys'. Using the islands very own Northney Farm ice cream I filled these gorgeous glasses with ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie, marshmallows and topped it off with a wafer, flake, strawberry and an umbrella ! Yummy ! 

I also filled little beach hut pots with 2p's for the arcades across the road ! Fun for all involved ! 

We went on the tea cups and had a super fun and food filled day ! 

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