Monday, 20 May 2013

Washi Tape Pegs

I am having a new love affair with Washi Tape !! It's popping up everywhere and it's so versatile and gorgeous ! 

I had some plain wooden pegs that I had been painting recently and decided to 'Washi Tape' them up ! 

How cute do they look !? 

It was super easy too, just rip off the length you need and stick it to the peg! Then turn it over, and cut of the excess ! Stick the edges down if you have a little overlap ! You could leave them like that, but I cut a slit where you see the silver wire and tucked it down in the grove as shown below ! 

I hope you have fun with some of these yourselves and make sure you show me all your snazzy designs ! 

I have more Washi tape on order from Amazon, I can't wait for the delivery ! Let me know your favourite places to buy it too please! This came from The Range ! 


  1. I think I know what I'll be doing this evening ;)

    They look so cute! I think most of my washi tape hoarde hails from Etsy, I adore the limited edition MT designs, like the planets, minerals and things....ahhhh *dreams of washi tape*

  2. Ahh thank you Ariane !! OOh it's so awesome isn't it ! I'm off to Etsy thanks :) x

  3. Ive just ordered some washi tape and will be trying these out. Thanks for the great post.

    Betty x x

    1. Ah fab!! Pls share a pic when you've made them! Have fun x