Wednesday, 8 May 2013

White Chocolate & Strawberry Buttons

These are super easy and really gorgeous looking. 

Perfect for a homemade gift, pop them in a little clear bag and tie with a pretty ribbon - gorgeous. 

I had been wondering about 'tempering chocolate' for some time now, I couldn't work out how to do it or what it was even. 

Then I came across this fabulous video from Rob Goves of Squires Kitchen. I really recommend you watch it if you have been wondering too !

So what better to practice on than some chocolate buttons. I got these lovely freeze dried strawberries and had been wanting to try them on something. 

So, I tempered my chocolate! (check me out!) and just using a spoon, dolloped the chocolate on some baking paper, sprinkled the strawberries on and watched them dry ! 

They didn't last long either ! Yummy !

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