Monday, 17 June 2013

Health Kick Monday is here !

OK, so I have been thinking for a while now about eating healthier and getting fit!

I have always dabbled in the two, not normally for very long, or at the same time, but have finally realised I need to.

I had a melt down the other day and didn't like ANY of my clothes, nothing fitted nicely, I'm feeling sluggish and tired and do most definitely not get enough fruit and veg in my life.

So, I have decided to make a change ! I hope you don't mind me writing about it - maybe it will help if you all know?! Keep me on track....and feel free to tell me off if I fail !

So.... I will be sharing any tips or advice that I have along the way and my first one today is to make your water pretty or interesting or fun!!

We all know we are supposed to drink 2 litres of water a day ! Some days I drink I decided to take this cute little glass water bottle and pop a gorgeous paper straw in it ! 

I am happy to keep this with me throughout the day and sip on it - I even measured the amount of water it takes - 1/4 of a litre, so I need to be working up to 8 bottles a day ! Woah. I think I'll start with 4 !

Iced Jems has an amazing selection of paper straws !! Go get some x
I also started my day off with a mug of hot water & lemon ! (that's one less bottle right?!)
So, if anyone else has any tips for someone starting out on a health kick, I would love to hear them ?
Eeek, off to weigh myself and take measurements !
Have a lovely Monday x


  1. Hay Michelle, Good for you girl!
    I am on a week long detox at the moment, I have done Weight watchers for years and still do, but I needed something to kick start after my year long slump. I've been so used to eating the same things its been good to see what I really can live without. I think it's great that your going to write about it here, I love the pretty straw idea too, definitely giving that a go!
    Sammy xxx

    1. Ahh thank you!! Only way I thought might stick to it haha x oh yes I saw you in the video!! Good for you too x thank you so much for your lovely comments!! X fab coming from you girls x