Sunday, 2 June 2013

Little Things - Charity Shop Bargain

Who else loves charity shop shopping ? I will always have a little browse when I am in town, you can find such treasure in them !

LIKE THESE. I went in to my local one yesterday, just on a whim and was SO chuffed to find all these gorgeous baskets ! They came to a grand total of £4 for ALL OF THEM ! I am so pleased with them.

So, have a little look in yours if you are out and about and see what you can find !! 

They will all come in really handy for an up and coming craft fair I will be doing, one I will then use for fruit picking when I go to pick your own strawberries, the big dark one I might line with that gorgeous material and keep wool in and the little square one, well some sort of crafty bits I'm sure ! 

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