Monday, 24 June 2013

Motivate on a Monday

So, it's been a week since I started my health kick ...... I'm not gunna lie, it's been the longest week EVER !

BUT I have secretly really enjoyed it. It's been a challenge, it's not easy, but I can already tell it's worth it ! I managed to stick to my calories, even with a 16 hour work day one day and we managed to run for 15 minutes twice !

Annnnnd, drum roll please......I lost 3lbs !! Woo hoo !

I am SO chuffed ! That's quite a lot for me too, so it probably won't be as much in the coming weeks, but it's a great start and makes me want to continue for sure!

I have definitely found so far it's all about planning and finding new flavours and ideas and keeping motivated !

So, I thought I'd share 3 of things I've found to help me through the past week.

OK, so this might seem silly, but I got this gorgeous tin from Tesco the other day to keep my crackers fresh and I just smile every time I go to make them - it's so pretty ! ( I have 3 crackers at breaky with some organic peanut butter & some fruit). It's so the little things like this that make the difference!

I got this fabulous new book through the post that I saw Fearne Cotton had and I feel healthy just reading it ! OK, I know I have to actually follow it, but for this week, just reading it helped me think about what I am putting in to my body and to consider acid v. alkaline foods ! I'll keep you posted as I delve deeper !

And lastly, this super low cal but OH MY GOSH SO DELICIOUS pudding!
This is like heaven in a bowl. I will share the recipe with you tomorrow as you HAVE to try this. What I love about it is it's so super delicious, but only about 120 calories ! So you really can have your cake and eat it. (As a special treat of course)

Anyhoo, so here goes another week ! Good luck to anyone else who is trying to be healthy !

We can do it ! x

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