Friday, 28 June 2013

Rice Crispie Pops

There are hundreds of these little beauties on pinterest and I couldn't wait to try some.

They are SO easy !! So please try these if you are having a party or you just want a super scrummy treat and these would be perfect for make with children too !

I bought a rice crispie square (you could make your own), chocolate, sprinkles and lollypop sticks.

Cut the crispie square in to equal size pieces. These were mini ones, but you could do any size you like or use a cookie cutter to make hearts for example.

Push the stick in to the crispie cake - it goes in really easy and just sticks in place ! Much easier than cake pops !

Then dip in your tempered chocolate and sprinkle to your hearts content !!

Do let me know if you try these ! I've just eaten them all, so I should have just put the whole thing on one stick !! :)

Go on - try these this weekend !! Enjoy x

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