Monday, 1 July 2013

Motivate on a Monday

OK, so I have just weighed myself and I've put on one pound ! How has that happened?

BUT I am not going to be discouraged, because I know the body is a funny thing, i'll just keep going as I really have already noticed a difference and am feeling much better in myself!

So, a few things that helped me this week:

So the first is something I haven't really ever done, I've tried them once or twice, because come on - they are a pain to clean up after - BUT think of all the goodness they provide you !! So this week I have tried 2 homemade smoothies, the first was brown and a bit earthy, so next I went for a nice banana and berries ! Yummy ! Don't forget to serve it in a nice jar with a lovely straw ! OOh and drink outside in the sunshine for even more loveliness !
Oooh and Follow the lovely Ella on Twitter for lots of smoothie yumminess !
Enjoy x

Next, I visited a health food shop this week and picked up a few things that I had seen people adding to their smoothies and thought I'd try them myself ! Once I've found out what everything actually does - I'll fill you in on the benefits ! I just felt healthier buying them, ooh and the market was on so I stocked up on loads of fruit and veg really cheap !

Lastly and really importantly - treat yourself !! To your favourite flowers for example - something that's not edible ! ;)
I have been wanting some of these gorgeous pink peonies for way over a year now and I can't get enough of them ! I just sat staring at them the whole way home in the car and I've taken a million photos - sorry to those who follow me on Instagram - I haven't finished yet !
Anyway, the idea is to find other treats that make you smile and reward yourself for your hard work !

Good luck for this week anyone who is trying to be healthy ! Don't be put off if you don't see a difference on the scales ! It IS working and making a difference to your health in the long term !

Ooh and enjoy !! x

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