Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Really Lovely Review - Deliciously Ella

Oh my gosh, I think I may have fallen in love with Ella a little bit, she's gorgeous and SO passionate about healthy eating !

I am totally a chocolate & crisps kind of girl, but reading more and more of Ellas blog, I feel a change coming...slowly but surely I must add, it can't happen overnight - but I do understand the importance now of what you put in your body and how good it makes you feel !

The first thing I have tried is the smoothies, I started off with fruity ones and tried my 1st green one today - and boy was it yummy ! (you totally can't taste the spinach!)

Another thing I tried (and am TOTALLY addicted to) are these amazing raw coconut & cacao truffles. oh em gee.

How can something that's good for you taste so delicious ?

Now I will be honest, it took a couple of mouthfuls to kind of get used to them, but boy are they yummy, and filling and sooo good for you !

Ooh and this double chocolate brownie cheesecake !! DELISH.


So, if your vegan or not, or healthy or not... go and check out Ellas website and Instagram and I challenge you not to feel healthier & inspired ! x

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