Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Craft Paper - Calender

So here is my next paper craft using the fabulous paper from the Homemaker Magazine.

I made this cute little calendar and have been using it ever since ! It's small enough to tuck away in a drawer or pin it up some where near your desk !

What you need:

A4 Paper
A4 Cardboard Envelope (the backing)
Pritt Stick
Peg or bulldog clip

So to get started, rip the front of the envelope off and use for something else if you wish or just bin it (or recycle).

It will need to be cut down slightly depending on the size you want the calendar part to be and how much paper you can wrap around.
At this point I printed out my calendar which I created in word just using a table. If you want to use mine - you can download it here.

Then cut the cardboard to the size that will fit inside the paper. It needs to wrap around at least a cm and glue in place.

Here it is... I LOVE this design.

To strengthen it I added a piece of corrugated card to the back and stuck it down with strong tape, but it's up to you if you have something else you can lean on when using it.
Then take whatever fastening you are using, I have these gorgeous little mini pegs and was chuffed to find a yellow one in my stash !
So place the calenders on the bottom half and work out where it needs to go and superglue in place.

Once its dry, pop the papers in place ! How cute is that !? I love it.

If you want you can add extra embellishments if you like - I added one of my rose cabochons in yellow and think it really adds something cute to it.

So, there you go - a super easy, cheap GORGEOUS weekly calendar !!

Do share and please show me yours if you make one !
Enjoy xxx


  1. Michelle,
    This is great & definitely what I need! If I make one I'll let you know.
    Jane x

    1. Ah thank you Jane !! OOh please do let me know x