Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fair Betty

I couldn’t wait to share with you all a lovely blog I have discovered. It is written by the very lovely and inspirational 16 year old Bethany ‘Betty’.

She had me at ‘ I am also the co-founder of Bee's Ice Cream along with my 12 year old brother'. How amazing is that ! If I had started something at 16, I may be somewhere with it by now !

She has an incredible attitude too – read here to find out more about how she took herself out of a bad school and gave herself a better chance at Education ! Pretty awesome !

There is even a blog for the Ice Cream business – which I love the name of – ‘Bee’s’ so check it out here. They make the most delicious looking lemon meringue ice cream !

I have never made ice cream before, so I might have to try one of Bettys recipes !

I would definitely keep your eye on this girl as I am sure she will go far and before long, I’ll be following her around the country in her gorgeous ice cream van !

Please check out her lovely blog and leave her a comment – ooh she’s also on instagram

Have a lovely day everyone x

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