Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Ok so you've seen macarons and ice cream cookie sandwiches - now macaron ice cream sandwiches!!

Imagine all the colours and ice cream flavours!! 

So I had to try these for myself and trust me, they are not disappointing!  

Firstly make your macarons - you could make them bigger than normal but I stuck to the regular size here.

Let them cool completely then add the ice cream of your choice! 

I tried to 'shape' mine first and then smoothed the edges a little with a spoon! 

These were vanilla ...

I cannot wait to try other flavour combinations, thinking mint choc chip next! 

I really suggest trying these little beauties! Maybe next time you are making some, do a few extra to try with ice cream! 

Delicious!! Enjoy! X 


  1. Aww these are so beautiful, I've always wanted to try making macaroons but always worried they will be a complete disaster and be a very odd shape. But maybe ill try them now! My favourite blogger by far!

    Betty x x

    1. Oh Betty that's so nice if you! Totally made my day thank you!!

      Ooh I was just checking yours out and saw the washi tape pegs! They look fab!!! Xxx