Monday, 26 August 2013

Paper Craft - Fan

I have been wanting to try making my own fans ever since I bought some plain ones in Hobbycraft and couldn't for the life of me, work out how to decorate it.

So here is my own little handmade one using the paper from Homemaker Magazine. These would make such cute summer wedding favours.

Take your paper (A4 in length and cut down the width to about 12cm.

Start at the bottom and concertina all the way up, back and forth. Then tie in the middle with ribbon or twine.

Then stick two of the sides together. So in the picture below, I stuck the top two sides together, with pritt stick.

Then on the other side - glue a lolly stick on each side. Make sure you go as close to the middle otherwise it won't fan open.

I then made a little fastening just out of the scrap paper in the same design. I just cut out a strip and wrapped it around and using the glue just stuck the edge down. Make sure it's not too tight, so you can get it on and off. So this is the fan closed.

And the same fastening works to keep it open !

It's a shame the sunny weather seems to be on its way out but as I say, these would make cute party decorations or even better - wedding favours !
And they're just so cute & fun to make !
Enjoy & please do share and let me know if you make any ! x

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