Monday, 19 August 2013

Paper Craft - Notebook

In this months Homemaker magazine - ooh first, who else has got a copy? Lucky you if so - Ooh and if you don't, you'll want to go out and get one! There is a fabulous magazine included all about Habitat wall paper and fabrics so it's full of beautiful paper samples!!

As soon as I laid eyes on them, I knew I had to make use of it and create some gorgeousness! 

So, I thought I would create as many things as possible from the beautiful paper and then share them with you. 

So, first up it's a paper covered notebook!  Might be pretty simple, but boy is it pretty!!

I got the notebook from Hobbycraft for a couple of pounds and it's a plain brown cardboard one. (I've just seen they're on offer!)

So firstly start by laying the straight edge of the paper up as close to the rings as possible and then flip the book over and cut about 2cm larger than the book cover. Fold over all the edges so it wraps around the cover. You can trim the corners at an angle to make it neater. Once it's got it's shape, just using a pritt stick, glue all over the front cover. Stick the paper to the cover. Turn it over and glue the paper overlaps and press them firmly down to stick in place. 

That's the cover done, how easy is that!

The papers are all about A4 size so I had some little cuttings left and thought I'd make a cute bookmark to go inside.

So, with the size piece I had left I folded as below, so as to get a rectangle.

Then I took some nice matching ribbon and glued it in between by placing about an inch inside the two sides.

Then on the inside cover at the back I glued the ribbon in place with another little scrap of the paper, to secure my bookmark!


I absolutely adore this paper and it has so simply transformed my notebook! Books like this can cost about £8 in the shops so I'm mega chuffed with my handy work! Thank you Homemaker Magazine for the gorgeous paper!! 

You could even cover the inside with some more paper or make a pocket but I don't mind this look.
Oooh what shall I make next?! Xx



  1. Ohh you have the note book<3 I went to hobby craft last Thursday and got so distracted with mini buckets I forgot to pick one up :-( I must go back and get one especially after seeing how beautiful you've made it look, do you think washi would work? x x

    1. Ah thank you!!

      Ooh yes absolutely!! Will take longer but yes! Xxx good luck and show me when it's done! X

  2. Michelle, this is gorgeous! I love decorating notebooks, so I may just have to go to Hobbycraft to buy a supply of them at that price! The paper is lovely too, but I've got so many pretty papers already....

    Jane x

    1. Ah thank you Jane! Oooh yes do! And do share if you make some xxxx