Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Craft Fair

So last weekend was my first ever craft fair !
I was so nervous in the weeks running up to it - I don't know why as everyone was so lovely.
The fair was held at the assembly rooms in Chichester which I thought being on the main road, would mean that it would be super busy but I was quite disappointed at the lack of people.
I mean there were people, but some just walked straight passed without even looking because it was so quiet. I found if someone was having a browse, someone else might come along too so maybe its just people don't like being the centre of your attention. Or maybe they just didn't like my stuff !
But anyway, I made a few lovely sales and met some lovely people so will definitely do another !
This was my little stall and note the tempting marshmallows which went down a treat !
Does anyone have any advice for next time or any good fairs to do ?
I am going to be at The Garden Party in September so will see how that goes !
I am also adding bits to my Etsy shop if you like anything you see below :)
Thanks so much x  




  1. Your stall looks so cute Michelle!
    In my experience, craft fairs can be very hit and miss. Some are super busy one time you go and really quiet the next, persevere! those marshmallows look YUMMY!
    Sammy xxx

    1. Ah thank you so much!! That's great advice! Xx oh they were so yummy! Super easy too! Thanks Sammy x

  2. I can see two things in the first photo that have found their way into our house - and two more things in the second that found their way into our tums!

    Your stall was excellent, but unfortunately the fair wasn't very well advertised. Keep it up, things will get better and better.

    1. Oh thank you so much Jane ! Are you the lovely lady that has the treasure box & beach huts frame ? x

  3. Hi,

    Your marshmallows look great, can you tell me how when you added the chocolate it didn't run?

    Betty x x

    1. Ah thank you x I just melted white chocolate in the microwave, let it cool to room temp and heated again and then dipped then in. Kind of swirled them to drip off the excess, then popped them in the fridge to harden :) x