Thursday, 26 September 2013

Flavoured Popcorn

OK, so I was SUPER excited to finally try my own flavoured popcorn !! It's super easy and a lot of fun !

I bought some popcorn kernals from Waitrose (not everywhere seems to do these) popped a little bit of oil in a pan and popped 2 kernals in to the oil. Once it's at the right temperature they will pop so then pop in a handful of kernals.

Make sure you pop the lid on and stand back !! The lid needs to be a little ajar, but be careful - I may or may not have been spat in the face by a bit of hot oil ! You have been warned!

One they are all popped, be careful to not burn - get ready for the fun part !

Flavours !! They are endless when it comes to popcorn but I picked cinnamon toffee apple & chocolate orange.

For the cinnamon toffee apple I chopped a little bit of apple and mixed some cinnamon and sugar together and popped in a pan with a little water and boiled it until I got a syrup. Then I mixed in the chopped apple and added the popcorn kernals, covered them completely and popped on a baking tray spread out to dry.

For the chocolate orange I melted some chocolate, added a dash of fresh juice from an orange and added to the chocolate. Be sure to temper your chocolate if you want it to harden properly ! (I ate mine too quick). Using a teaspoon, 'scatter' the chocolate in a zig zag fashion over the popcorn and let dry. Add a little zest of orange for decoration !

Do let me know if you try your own - I would love to see and try some more flavours !! Enjoy xxxx

P.S The FAB baking cups are from the lovely Iced Jems x


  1. I have made peanut butter and chocolate popcorn before but it went soggy :( The flavours were great but it was so chewy it wasn't fun to eat, maybe I should have used your method instead of adding the sauce to the already popped corn.
    I stopped by to tell you I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award :)

    1. Hi Amanda x Oh yes it's a lot of trial and error most of the time ! Try It again ! :) xx

      Oh wow thank you so much ! What do I do ? The same as you ?x Thank you that's soooo lovely of you x