Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

It's totally OK to mention the C word now isn't it ? I for one am SOOO excited already !!
Something I have done the past couple of years is make Cake Pops for the Christmas table, so I am already thinking of new designs I can do, so I thought I'd share the ones I've made.
These ones are cute little Christmas trees ! They were a little fiddly but I think they worked great in the end ! I had to shape the cake balls in to little cone shapes (quite time consuming) and them dip them in the green candy melts. Straight after dipping I held them for a few seconds, then using a toothpick and starting near the top, I turned the cake pop around whilst dragging the cocktail stick through the candy melt to make the 'tree' like look below. I hope that makes sense. 

I then added the sprinkles for the lights, some green glitter for a bit of sparkle - every tree needs a bit of sparkle and topped them off with a yellow sugar star for the top ! This is always my favourite part of decorating the Christmas tree and I got to do it loads of times ! 

I then packed them up and tied them up with candy cane coloured bakers twine !! 

Eeeek !


  1. I Love Cake pops! These are sooo cute! Totally over excited for Christmas already, you are not alone
    Sammy xxx

    1. Thanks Sammy x Glad I am not the only one :) x

  2. you are such a clever ducky with these uber-cute cake pops. i'm going to give these a whirl at the end of year function for my son's kindy class. thank you so much for taking the time to share!

    1. Ah thank you so much!! Oh I'll look forward to piccys! X