Monday, 14 October 2013

Dresser Fabric Tidy

OK, so it's no secret that I am pretty messy.
Especially when it comes to make up - it gets everywhere. So I decided to make a little fabric cover for the dresser to keep it clean and make it look pretty at the same time!
All you need is some cardboard (I used an amazon book delivery sleeve) some fabric, scissors and some tape.
Start by measuring your cardboard. Mine wasn't quite wide enough but it didn't matter as my mirror would stand at the back.
Cut to the right size.

Then measure out your fabric, it needs to be a little wider than the cardboard to wrap around neatly.
If it needs it, give your fabric an iron and lay front side down. Place your cardboard on top and wrap the fabric around the cardboard and secure in place with tape.

Voila !! You can tape it down or use blu-tak but I quite like that it is easily removable to change / wash.

There you have it - a pretty dresser tidy ! I love it and hopefully it will encourage me to keep a little tidier ! x (will see how long that lasts !!)

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