Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sprinkles Cake

This is the perfect cake for when you don't have much time but you still want to impress...

I made this for my sisters birthday and I am going to be honest with you here... I didn't make the cake myself. But who would know!! I wanted to spend the time on the decoration so I decided to buy two small sponge cakes and just piece them together! 

I then covered the cake in buttercream icing (again shop bought in a tub), using a spatula crumb the cake first with a thin layer then add more in a 'rustic' way to get the nice effect you see below. Just move slowly around the cake smoothing out little sections.  

Then I added coloured sprinkles to the top starting with the outside of the circle and added a few in the middle.

For the topper I took two of my paper straws from Iced Jems and some twine. The bunting is super easy to do - I printed these out - I liked the handwritten look of this font and then cut them in to little triangles. Then just lay them down in the right order, letters down,  added a touch of glue along the top and lay down the twine so it sticks to the bunting.

SO there you go a super easy quick but gorgeous looking cake for that special occasion !!


  1. Adorable! Quick & easy, perfect! x

  2. Thank you my dear xxxx yes super quick when you need it! X

  3. This sounds like something I could actually do and everyone would be so impressed! ;)

  4. I have spent many hours and pounds on Iced Jems and love their stuff!! Lovely idea for the bunting:)x