Friday, 21 February 2014

Photography - Playing with Aperture

Some of you may have seen on my Instagram account that I am learning how to use my new SLR camera. I am SO excited about this as I have always loved photography and the idea of taking better controlled pictures would be awesome.

So I am learning a couple of different ways. Firstly my Dad and I had a photography day out in the New Forest and it was awesome, we learnt quite a lot in a short space of time. I am also doing an evening course at a local college and am finding the Teacher a little boring so it's a bit tricky to be motivated BUT I wanted to share a few things I am learning so you can try them too, if like me, you normally keep your camera on auto.

So, firstly playing with the aperture..

You know those cool pictures you see where part of the image is crisp and then you have a blurred background ? They just look more professional don't they and this is what I was most excited about learning so, if you have a Canon, set the dial to AV (Aperture mode). If you have a Nikon I think its A.

Oh and I guess you'd like to know what Aperture actually is first.. let me try and explain.

Aperture is the size of the opening of the lens. So therefore it controls the amount of light that is let in. Now for the confusing bit though - the lower the aperture number - the bigger the hole and the higher the number, the smaller the hole. As an example – you may see 5.6 on your settings this is a large aperture, therefore letting in more light, whereas 13 is smaller and lets in less. I hope that makes sense.

So a cool exercise to try this out is to go outside and find a gate or a fence, something like that where you can see far in to the distance. Set your camera to 5.6 and focus on the gate, you will notice the gate is in focus and the background is blurry. Try changing the aperture value and see what difference it makes.

This is depth of field !! Cool hey ! So you can control the depth of field with the Aperture value ( I think) ha.

The smaller the aperture number (bigger hole/more light) the shorter the depth of field (more blurry/less in focus) as you up the aperture number (smaller hole/less light) you getting a deeper depth of field – showing much more in focus, if you imagine this a bit light a tunnel, it’s focusing in on more.

Here are a few I have taken playing with the aperture value. I haven't done any editing / cropping to these - that will be in another post !

Let me know what you think and ooh if you have any tips for me please ! Thank you x


  1. Lovely photos Michelle ��

  2. Yep ! You control depth of field with Aperture. Love the ducks ao much ! Xx

  3. Lovely pics, particularly like the duck. I find I get similar results using the Macro setting on my Canon, but have just had a fiddle doing it with the AV setting, and it's more controllable. I need more practice, though, without a doubt!!

    1. Thank you so much x oh yes and using manual focus is so exciting I'll do another post about that xxx

  4. This is one of my favourite blog posts from february.... thankyou for sharing. The images are lovely and the post is user friendly and do-able.... thanks again Teresa x

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for sharing! Xxxx