Saturday, 29 March 2014

Grab the weekend by the horns !

I am not sure this is the correct use of this saying, but it's how I feel. I did something courageous and against all odds, I got up at 7am on a Saturday.....and went for a run !

Anyone who knows me will know I am NOT a morning person. I am quite ashamed to say on a normal working day I have been known to sleep in until 8:55am (I work from home) and crawl to my desk. At weekends, I could sleep all morning if it was up to me.

But not today ! Last night I had to urge to set out my running gear and make the most of my weekend. Rather than waking feeling sluggish and not rested, I wanted to feel energised and like I was making the most of life (or my weekend at least).

So I thought I would just share with you a few things that helped me in case you too, have considered an early power walk, jog or run in the early hours ! (I am aware people probably do this even earlier!)

So first things first I made sure the night before I have my 'outfit' ready, including socks and having my trainers set out with the laces untied ! (this did make a difference for me!)

I then made a playlist of fun songs on my phone (including Wannabe - Spice Girls, Happy - Pharrell Williams & some MJ) and made sure I had headphones.

The next thing to do, is tell your significant other, roommate or parents what you plan to do and have them laugh at you. This really is incredible motivation. (He is still asleep but I am looking forward to gloating).

Then set your alarm, just ONE alarm and get up when it goes off. Splash your face with water and get ready !

I hate carrying my key so I quickly grabbed some wool so I could tie it around my neck. (Under a layer so it didn't keep hitting me in the face!)

I chose socks that made me smile - I know this sounds crazy but every little helps ! I went for odd, just because it's more fun and chose bright colours ! One pink, one yellow ! 

Plan your route ! You can use google maps for this or just from your knowledge. Choose somewhere safe, and a decent distance that you know you can cope with - you don't want to do a big lap and find yourself stuck miles from home. If possible, choose somewhere that has a pretty finish ! In my case this was a little local pond, so I knew I was aiming for this. 

Then you can take some nice photos while you are cooling down ... 

And admire all the daffodils.. 

Such a pretty pond ! 

 At this point don't stop too suddenly and crouch down to take photos - you'll feel sick ! 

I walked over the bridge and stopped on it for a few minutes to catch my I am, pretty chuffed with myself ! 

and a little reflective hello to you all ... (making sure I don't drop my phone)

I then found a nearby bench and just relaxed a little, watching the ducks play..

Then I set off home and admired all the beautiful blossom trees...

And I smiled to myself that the shops weren't open yet ! 

Look at these awesome tomatoes...I'll have to go back later (as they weren't open yet !!) ha ha ! 

Anyway sorry, ha ha - on the way home I chose to 'shuffle' my music and it's pretty funny what you have forgotten you have on there. 

Always remember to stretch ! I did this when I got home in the garden and it was hard not to dance along to Hairspray ! 

Anyway, thanks for reading and I am now off to make banana pancakes and yes you guessed it .... go and gloat ! 

Wooo feeling awesome - have an super weekend everyone !! xx

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