Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easter Chocolates

One of the things to do on my Spring Bucket List is to make Easter Treats.

So here are my Easter 'bark' chocolates.

They are so easy to make and look and TASTE gorgeous.

What you will need:

Easter Cutters
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Mini Eggs
Crème Eggs
Gold Glitter (or toppings of your choice)

So start by popping the cutters on a tray with some baking paper and pop them in the freezer for 5 - 10 minutes. This just helps solidify the chocolate quicker and keeps it in place.

Melt the two chocolates, making sure to temper them if you want to give them as gifts.  Then fill the cutters with the white chocolate, I just poured it in slowly and then using the back of a spoon 'smoothed' it gently up to the edges of the cutter and for the chick - in to the beak and feet!

Then with a teaspoon drizzle a small amount of milk chocolate over the egg like below, don't be alarmed, it doesn't look like this when it's finished.

Using a toothpick, 'swirl' the milk chocolate in to the white chocolate and you will get this gorgeous effect:

Amazing hey ! Much better !

Then top your chocolates with mini eggs, pieces of crème eggs and for extra sparkle - some gold glitter !

Pop them in the freezer to set for 5 - 10 minutes and then slowly 'pop' them out of the cutters. I kind of pulled the edges away from the chocolate and this helped release them.

How cute do they look ? And trust me, these are delicious !

I am going to bag them up in cellophane and give them as gifts!  I absolutely love these, they are so cute and really so simple to make ! I hope you enjoy ! Keep them in the fridge to keep them at their best !

Iced Jems has a fabulous selection of cutters in her shop ! So I am looking forward to trying out different shapes!

Happy Chocolate making xx

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