Saturday, 5 April 2014

Giant Mini Egg Nest

So every Easter we make Mini Egg nests. But this year I thought I would make it more of a centre piece and make a giant one.

Kind of like the size of an actual nest ! I love it so much !

This is the perfect Easter make to do with the Children, it's so easy! Happy holidays to those who are now on their Easter break!

This is what you'll need if you want to make one yourself:

1 large bar milk Chocolate
1 Small bar white chocolate
Shredded Wheat ( 4 pieces )
Mini Eggs - share bag.
Mould (or can do by hand - the children will love this)

Start by melting the milk chocolate.

I wanted to try and get a marble effect on the top so I melted the white chocolate and drizzled it in to the inside of the mould first.

Mix the crumbled shredded wheat in with the melted chocolate and fill the mould with the mixture. Pop it in the fridge to set.

Once it is set, drizzle with more white chocolate and fill with mini eggs !

There you go ....a giant mini egg nest. Yummy !

Slice it up and share it with loved ones or keep it all to yourself !

Happy Easter Baking !!

This is also a tick off my Spring Bucket list ! I really love this and hope you do too !

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