Monday, 7 April 2014

Mini Creme Egg Nests

So, when I was making my giant Mini Egg Nest the other day I suddenly wondered whether you could melt crème eggs and use these instead of regular chocolate ?

You can.

You have to be really careful though and melt them super slowly. They also don't melt as thinly as chocolate and once it's melted it kind of clumps together. Sorry I didn't get a picture I was concentrating too hard not to burn them !

What you will need:

Makes 36.
6 crème eggs
Mini cupcake cases
Mini Eggs

Melt the crème eggs slowly, then add the crumbled shredded wheat to the mixture and mix it all together.

I used these gorgeous little Easter coloured baking cases - you can get similar ones from Iced Jems. 

Pop a teaspoon of mixture in to the case and pop a mini egg in the middle of the mixture.

These are super cute and soooo tasty ! They taste just like cream eggs. They are chewier than normal which I kinda love. You can see the texture of them below:

Perfect for your Easter Celebrations, making with the children or just to devour yourself (like I may have done)!

I hope you love these as much as I do ! xx

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