Monday, 12 May 2014

Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops

What's not to love !

These are really easy and just need a little love and care when making, but turn out really rather decadent and delicious.

They would look perfect for a party on the dessert table.

What you need:

Paper straws (I get mine from Iced Jems)

I used left over Easter Chocolate and planned to do some with the Aero chocolate but didn't in the end, but think that would be pretty yummy !

So to start, take your paper straw and squash the end of it - about 2cm worth, in between your fingers to flatten it. It just inserts easier in to the Oreo this way.

Then melt your chocolates. I found the Easter egg chocolate was a lot thicker than normal chocolate but still worked OK.

Dip the very edge of the straw in to a little chocolate and insert slowly in to the middle of an Oreo, holding on to both sides.

They aren't too secure so I found the best way to cover them in chocolate was to hold them over the bowl and 'drip' it on and then using a knife, cover the sides and back.

Set them on some baking paper to set and cover in sprinkles !

Pop them in the fridge to set & then tuck in !



  1. Oh my goodness me! I love oreos...and chocolate! I need these in my life!

  2. Ha thank you Sarah they are pretty yummy xx