Saturday, 3 May 2014

'Fancy Finds' - Recipe Files

Happy Weekend Everyone !!

I always see so many gorgeous things that I LOVE and want to buy, but a girl can't have everything she wants hey... (I do try!) ha ha, so I thought I would just share a few of my favourite things with you incase you are looking for that perfect recipe file or measuring cups (look out next time) so I am going to just generally share the prettiness.

So today I have found a selection of beautiful recipe files I love. I have one from Paperchase at the moment, a grey one, which has done me well, but I might just have to decide between one of these and treat myself, which is your favourite?

1. This gorgeous pink leather one is from Oh So Cherished and costs £38.99 - it has gold foil writing - so gorgeous !!

2. This Meri MeriSweet Treats recipe file is from House of Fraser and costs £14.00 - I love the floral design so much !

3. This one is a made to order personalised recipe book would make the perfect present for the cook or baker in your life, it's from Etsy and is £15.18. Just beware if in the UK, twinebindary are based in Florida for shipping purposes, but it was too awesome to leave out, I love the simplistic rustic look of it.

4. This A4 recipe file is from Lakeland and I love it because it has a Kitchen Aid on and it stands up so it's a book and stand in one! How handy is that! I bought my Mum this one for a Christmas one year.

Now.... how to choose, how to choose... which one do you like best ? Do you have a lovely file you keep your recipes in ? OOh or an box perhaps ?

Happy Baking x

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