Thursday, 22 May 2014

French Macarons 101 - A Beautiful Mess

So, I am a HUGE macaron fan. I have made them a few times myself here and here and was even asked to make 80 for an engagement party a while ago but I think I got a few grey hairs whilst doing so !

SO... when I saw the lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, with Holly Neufeld had an e course on making these sweet little treats, I knew I just had to try them again ! And at a bargain $8 (about £5) it was an absolute must have.

Having done the Mastering your DSLR and currently undertaking Blog Life I knew the format of the courses and it didn't disappoint. There is a PDF instruction manual broken down in to sections and a really easy to follow video....and you know what - mine came out perfect FIRST TIME !

I nearly jumped for joy - OK I did a little bit too much that I pulled the oven door off it's hinges - oops!

I decided to make mine Ferrero Rocher flavour and I actually used a left over box of the yummy treats from Christmas as the filling.

I literally blended ferrero rochers - with a little milk to make it a creamier texter and then piped it on to the little macarons.

So here they are in all there glory...

I kept the little cases they came in for the extra cute factor. How well do these fit in here? I made them dinky enough to fit. I just love them.

I also added a little edible gold dust for good measure too. They are perfect with a cuppa !

They have the perfect crunch and chewiness to them. Amazing.

Oooh and you could package them back up in the original box to give away to loved ones. The really special ones of course!

So I really do recommend this amazing e course if you have been wanting to perfect your macarons or give them a go for the first time- you can sign up here ... go on !! You'll love them!

Oooh what flavours will you make ? Do share with me if you do & have fun ! x


  1. these look so adorable and yummy!! also your blog header is so beautiful! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thanks so much Amy xx Ooh i'll have a look now :) x

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. These look so heavenly. I bet they're mighty tasty! I love love love Ferrero Rocher!