Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Healthy Eating Tips - 2

So this week was the first week that I reached a goal I have set my self with my new fitness regime. The gym I go to use the Technogym equipment and they have the wellness key system. It's awesome, you get your own program to stick to depending on all your specific requirements and what you want to achieve and you pop it in each piece of equipment as you go and it tots it all up for you.

This is the key which of course I decided to make pretty - that's another tip for your right there !! I plan to make an even nicer ribbon for this, but for now, this pretty floral ribbon will do.

The reason I am mentioning this however, is it is SUCH a good idea with any kind of healthy eating or fitness to set yourself little goals (as well as big ones) but the smaller ones are great because you get to feel all awesome and accomplished a lot quicker than waiting 6 months to see a big difference.

I actually did my 4 days at the gym that I had set myself, but was a little short because I didn't do much on the first day as I was having the programme set for me, so didn't have as much time - SO I went on Saturday too, making it 5 days (which I probably won't do again) but it was a great feeling to push myself to make sure I reached my goal !

So whatever it is, set yourself a little goal for the week and reward yourself with a little treat if you manage it (no not an edible treat) I got a pretty pink lip gloss from H & M which has two sides to it and a little mirror on the end. It's so pretty and each time I use it I will remember why I got it and it will push me to keep going to feel that awesome sense of achievement again !

Do you have any tips for rewarding yourself or sticking to your goals ? I'd love to hear from you ! Do comment & share your ideas below & have a happy healthy week x

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