Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Milk & Cookie Cups

These are inspired by the cookie & milk shots by Dominic Ansel - the creator of the Cronut.

I loved the idea of somehow tying in the actual milk with the cookies and you all know how much I love paper straws. I have seen so many cupcakes with the straws in them, but here, you actually get to use it.

So what you'll need to create these are:

(amounts all depend of how many you want to make)

Cookie dough (shop bought or homemade) I used this awesome Milk Chocolate one by Delect because I loved the packaging.
Milk of your choice
Cupcake Cups & Paper Straws (I get mine from Iced Jems)
Squirty cream
Chocolate & Sprinkles (sorry not shown)

Start by rolling out some of your cookie dough to make small cookies for decoration.

Then fill the cupcake case with the cookie dough. Using your hands, push the cookie dough in to the bottom of the cup and up the sides, leaving a 'well' or 'hole' in the middle for your little chocolate shot glass.

You could add the milk directly in here, but I wanted to add extra choclateyness and thought it would be a bit more sturdy.

Then pop your cookies in the oven for the desired time on the packet, mine was about 10 - 15 minutes. It's fine if they are a little bit gooey, in fact that's even more awesome.

Then make your chocolate shot glasses. I used a heart shape ice cube tray and using the end of a spoon, pour a little chocolate in each and spread up the sides to make little cups. They don't need to be perfect.

Pop them in the freezer to set.  The will easily pop out of the mould when set.

Once the cookie cups are done, let them cool. Once ready, pop your little chocolate cup in the middle and add your milk.

Top with squirty cream, melted chocolate & sprinkles, pop a mini cookie on the side and finish it off by inserting your paper straw through the cream, in to the milk !

Sip the milk, eat the little cookie, dunked in the cream, sip a little more oooh and then you might need a spoon to eat the rest !


Here's a little overview of the yummy process:

Have I convinced you to try them ? xx

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