Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tiger UK

We went shopping to the Whitely Shopping Centre in Fareham this weekend and I was soooo excited to see this amazing shop called Tiger. I have never seen it before, but as we walked passed I just knew I would love everything in there. 

Originally from Copenhagen, Tigers mission is to provide stylish products at really reasonable prices, and boy have they done that ! Nothing costs more than £30.00.

It's one of those shops, where you want everything, but you don't actually need any of it, but you have to have it anyway.

It was amazing, it went from bath stuff, to office stationery & storage, to candles, to baking utensils to food and make up all the way to party supplies. 

It was like a treasure trove of everything I love. There were awesome ice cube trays and lolly moulds, tea pots and giant pens, heart shaped connect four (YES, heart shaped!!!) and candles in every colour you can imagine. 

So...what did I get.. 

First up, this wash bag - it was only £3 and I love it. It's stiff fabric and is wipeable on the inside. This will be perfect in the bathroom or to house some kind of craft materials. 

It's just so cute and it also comes in red.

I saw this 'swimming' bag as soon as I walked in the shop and I just had to have it. I am off for a spa break next week and it's perfect for hanging by the pool or taking with me to some classes. It was only £7 and it's a really good size. It feels really good quality too and I love the rope handles. 

Can you tell I like blue & white stripes ? 

I can't find this next item on the website sorry, but it's a coral plastic mini 'waste basket'. It's perfect for keeping pens in or make up brushes and was £2.00.

When we were at the till, they mentioned they charge for their carrier bags, so I just made use of my new bag and popped everything in to it. I was then eyeing up the awesome tissue paper they wrapped things in however and I think the guy liked how over excited I was about finding the store that he gave me a few sheets to take home ! It will be awesome to wrap some pressies in !

We also got an awesome nose shaped pencil sharpener, so you stick the pencil up the nose to sharpen, haha we found it hillarious. 

I also got an awesome little mirror which has a 10x magnification - it's pretty scary looking in it but helps with plucking eyebrows etc. I was super impressed because my Mum has one and I think it was pretty expensive, but this was a steal at £2.00.

One of the other things I loved was this picnic basket, how cute is it !! I just couldn't justify it this time, but I think I need it for the summer. 

Also, I didn't see these in the store, which was probably a good thing as I have a slight obsession with drinking jars and there's just no more space in my cupboards (so I am told). A few people have been asking me where I get mine however, so these seem like a real bargain!

Lastly, I loved this 'Printers drawer' - it's decorated with such gorgeous papers. 

So, if you are now wondering where your nearest store is - have a look HERE using your postcode  and I really hope there's one near you !

I hope you love it as much as I did ! ahhhh all SO gorgeous x 

Please do leave me a comment if you enjoyed this, like something you see or go and visit the store yourself, I'd love to hear what you get ! 

Thanks for reading xx 


  1. Great blog! I must visit this amazing shop one day soon!! Amber (from Artichoke) xx

    1. Aww thanks Amber xxxx ooh yes it's pretty awesome xx Have a nice day xxx