Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spotted Rose in Homemaker Magazine

OK, so I am SUPER excited to write this post...

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen that my little blog got a really lovely write up in the I Spy section of the one and only Homemaker Magazine this month ! Yes, it's actually IN the shops, to buy and has my name & face in there !

It really is such a fabulous magazine. I always find myself swooning over all the DIYs and everything included is so affordable. I don't like when magazines are full of adverts and things you can't afford, but this is a joy to read !! So inspirational. I have even done a few DIYs here and here using the lovely paper from an old edition.

I really am just so thankful to be featured and it was really so wonderful to hear what they thought of my blog from their point of view, boy were they so kind and lovely - thank you so much Homemaker !!

Also, seeing as it's my all time favourite magazine and my 94 year old Grandma pays for my subscription, and she's my craft inspiration (she still crochets)  it's just totally awesome and so so so exciting !!

If you have come over from the magazine, please please say hello below as I'd love to hear from you and I really hope you like my little blog.

Here are a couple of pics of the magazine..... ahhhh !!

There I am ...

Oh hello my face !! ha.

And here it is sitting on MY coffee table ! I just keep staring at it !! Proud moment & thank you all for reading xxx

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