Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Superseeds - Punch Foods

Look at these mighty little tubs standing like soldiers of good health and nutrition ....

Ha ha, so maybe I got a little to excited but that's how I felt when these arrived. Like silver bullets of energy.
I first discovered these via Deliciously Ella and was on the look out for healthy snacks and I absolutely love the packaging of these. They are a decent size too. Standing at approx. 15cm tall they are perfect for your bag for on the go and these would be so ideal for travelling. 

The fist thing I discovered about these is that they are all so delicious just on they're own. So they make a perfect snack. You could also decant them for lunch boxes if you do bento style. 

BUT my favourite thing to do with them at the moment is have them with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I always struggle with having something like fruit for breakfast as I crave a crunch first thing, so these have made it possible and given me the most delicious start to my day ! 

I LOVE the raw cocoa boost (I would as I love chocolate) so I run out of these and have quickly ordered more. 

I have them with Banana & Chocolate coconut yogurt like here:

And here with Vanilla coconut yogurt and strawberries... 

Here's a little peak at the flavours for you:

Meet your Maca - with Maca for the ultimate, raw, superfood boost

Mega Omega - Japanese Tamari seasoned with omega 3.

Feel the heat - Smoked paprika & cayenne pepper seed mix - a warming, smoky, chilli crunch.

Raw cocoa boost - Raw chocolate & coconut seed mix - 100% raw, 100% guilt free. 

You can buy them from Evolution Organics. I am off to order more! 

As well as the awesome packaging, they are so GOOD FOR YOU and so delicious !

I am also just working out what to do with my left over tubes ! Any ideas ?

The Feel the heat are super spicy and my favourite for snacking on ! Have you tried these ? Let me know what you think.

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  1. these look so good! i deffo want to try them out! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/08/verybeautytour-with-verycouk.html xx