Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Secret Sausage Salad

OOh so I first came across these Secret Sausages about a year ago when I attended a foodie even in London and was so taken in by the awesome packaging and the idea that you would 'feel' like you were eating sausages or meat for example, but they are in fact all veggie. I remember it in fact because I told my Vegetarian Auntie about them right away.

So when I was given the chance to try some I jumped at it !! Thanks Secret Sausages !

How cute is the packaging !!

They come in all these delicious flavours & .....

I tried the Chilli and Coriander today and they are packed full of chillies, coriander, onions, sweetcorn & carrots.

I prepared them how I sometimes do with real sausages and chopped them in to little pieces and added them to some salad for lunch.

So all I did was using some kitchen scissors, cut them in to little pieces and lightly friends them in olive oil, both sides. Following the instructions I made sure there was enough oil for them to not stick.

So then I made up my salad - you can use anything you like here, I just had shredded ice berg lettuce (does anyone else agree it tastes SO much better shredded?) cucumber, tomato & some croutons. You can use gluten free ones if you fancy or even make you own !

I piled up my salad, topped it with my lovely little secret sausages pieces and added some salad cream ! (My guilty pleasure) I would add balsamic and olive oil when I am being super healthy !

And there you go ....

How much do you want to eat the below image ? I want it again now...

This is the perfect kind of salad going in to Autumn too as it's warming as well as healthy. 

And OH MY GOSH, I am not just saying this, but the sausages are totally delicious. I think doing them this way and having a crispy edge both sides makes them even yummier, they have a tiny kick to them being chilli and they kind of remind me of falafel in terms of taste, which I love.

I had two on my salad, but loved them so much I went back and made another so that made them one of my 5 a day ! Pretty awesome when you don't feel like you are eating vegetables !

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you as I know some of my readers follow a healthier diet and even if not - how great to have a meat free meal once in a while. It's becoming a lot more popular to follow a flexitarian diet (flexible vegetarian) so why not give them a try !

You can find out more here including stockists or to buy some online.

Let me know if you do as I know I will definitely be having these again ! Thanks for reading xx

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  1. We discovered them last year too and agree they're delicious! Jane & Stephen Lee