Thursday, 6 November 2014

Happiness Photo a Day

Welcome to my Happiness Photo a Day challenge.

We could all use a little extra happiness in our lives and this is a way of sharing the things that make you happy with others in the hope of inspiring them and making them happy too !

This works slightly differently in that you can join in whenever you like as it will just roll on month by month and you can join in on whichever day of the month you like - just keep an eye on the hashtag to be inspired.

It's all about the little things and moments that make you happy, so they don't have to be from that particular day, for example if it's 'song' then share a pic of your Spotify or iTunes or even the CD or Record of a song that makes you happy - I am super excited about discovering lots of new music !

See below for a full explanation of each item (not restricted to these) and have fun !!

1. Song - as above, any song that has a special meaning, makes you boogie in your lounge or helps you relax.
2. Film - a tear jerker, romantic comedy, whatever it is that makes you happy!
3. Book - could be an easy read, an inspiring autobiography or your favourite novel.
4. App - anything that cheers you up or you are just totally addicted to.
5. Drink - this can be hot, cold, alcoholic or not - even better your own concoction.
6. Breakfast - favourite breakfast on a Sunday morning, your go to or one you've seen you want to try.
7. Quote - a happy and inspiring quote that you love.
8. To relax - something you do to relax that makes you happy.
9. Exercise - what makes you really smile and makes you feel you're not actually working out.
10. Lunch - a favourite place for your midday meal or a special lunch at home you enjoy.
11. TV series - anything you love, always looking for new ones to watch !
12. Someone special - anyone in your life who makes you happy.
13. Dinner - favourite dinner to cook or have cooked for you, or place to go!
14. Place - a town, country or special place you like to go.
15. Hobby - something you love doing.
16. Dessert - oh yes, anything - looking forward to seeing this one in particular, share the recipe if you have it !!
17. Holiday - a favourite one gone by, where did you go or one you have planned and are looking forward to.
18. Sound - could be your loved one coming home in the evening, the sound of the sea...
19. Pamper - something you love to do to pamper yourself.
20. Occasion - one you love celebrating.
21. Act of kindness - something you have done for someone.
22. Gift - your favourite kind to receive.
23. Smell - mmm fresh bread, that kind of thing.
24. Object - something you own that makes you happy.
25. Activity - something you love doing, rock climbing etc..
26. Moment when... - a small or big moment that makes you happy.
27. Old photo - share one that makes you happy.
28. Celebration - a recent one or an upcoming one.
29. Feeling - this could be anything.
30. Taste - favourite food or flavour.
31. Anything - anything else that makes you happy.

Make sure you tag your photos with the hashtag #happinessphotoaday and the prompt & be sure to check them to see everyone else's photos, see what you have in common or be inspired.

I hope you will enjoy joining in and I look forward to being inspired myself and spreading the happiness,

Thanks for reading,

Michelle x

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