Sunday, 16 November 2014

Raw Christmas Cake - Inspiral

I am well and truly excited for Christmas already - who's with me ?

I have slowly been sneaking in a few decorations here and there and tonight the fairy lights went up !

So, after dinner I decided to tuck in to my Raw Christmas Cake that inSpiral kindly sent me. Some of you may know I am trying to be healthier and am enjoying discovering new products. Anyway I was so excited I had to share it with you....

Look how cute the packaging is...

Note: spoon not included.

I love the little jar the dessert comes in - I am already thinking about what I can do with it - maybe a Christmas Cake smelling candle...

Anyway, so on to the dessert, the first layer is a coconut cream and it's really delicious, then it's a marzipan layer which is a really delicious almond flavour and then a yummy concoction of delicious fruits at the bottom - it tastes just like Christmas cake - only better.

What's even better is they are totally organic, raw, gluten & dairy free !

I am SO in the mood for Christmas now !! (and not at all bloated, just satisfied!) Oh if only Christmas day could be like this....

I hear there are limited numbers of the desserts so if you are interested you can buy them here.

Have you tried any of the other Inspiral products ?

I LOVE the kale chips, they are so yummy !

Thanks for reading and do let me know of any products you think I might like & have fun preparing for Christmas !

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