Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rebel Kitchen Mylks


OK, so I just had to share with you my love for these Rebel Kitchen Mylks. 

I literally have one of the small choco ones a day - they totally curb my chocolate and sweet cravings and are just so delicious. They are made from hardly any ingredients and they are all natural. The choco ones for example are just coconut milk, water, date nectar & cacao. Perfect if you have a dairy intolerance and are avoiding added sugar ! 

How cute is the packaging too ! 

Now the weather is turning a little autumnal I sometimes lightly heat one up and have it as a hot chocolate - it's so delicious you don't need to add anything else to it. 

I've also used them in porridge too ! 

You can buy them online from their website or I know Waitrose stock them as I pretty much buy them all whenever I am in ! They are on offer at the moment for £2 a pack for the small ones. 

On their website you can sign up to a subscription (er hello yes please) and you can even buy vouchers ! 

Christmas idea for anyone who needs it !!

I was also SO excited to see them in a little deli in West Bay recently & my local farm shop, so hopefully they will pop up in more and more shops as they are such a great alternative to all the sugary drinks out there ! 

Let me know if you have tried them and what you think ! Mmm I'm off to have one now - keep them in the fridge so you can enjoy them nice and cold ! 

Note: Rebel Kitchen did send me these to try ages ago and since then I have honestly bought SO many more ! They are so good. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Learning to Crochet

I dabbled in a little bit of crochet about a year ago but haven't tried anything for ages so decided to give it a go again recently. With the upcoming baby I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try and make a few lovely bits for her.

The first thing I want to make is a blanket.... so far I only have a square, but I just wanted to share how I did it.

Sarah from Bella Coco - a lovely lady I have been following for some time has a beautiful Instagram account and some amazing You Tube Videos so I started there. The video was really clear and concise although I have to admit it did take me about 3 hours one morning to even get this far. The amount of times I started, failed and then started again - BUT I was determined and was SO SO chuffed with my little square ! SO don't be put off if it seems tricky and you want to master it - just keep at it !

Then I wanted to make one of these lovely roses I had seen her make so I followed this video and made this cute little one for a dummy clip I made. Again it was a little fiddly at first and I had to stop the video a few times, plus it helps to keep a note of your stitches by writing them down. I was super happy with how it turned out though ! Sarah also has beginners videos which are great at teaching what the basic stitches are.

Most recently I have wanted to try a crochet basket ! I got my Grandma some zpagetti yarn to try but she is losing her sight so struggled a bit with it so I decided to try myself and followed this ladies video on You Tube. I skipped the bit about making your own t shirt yarn. Mine also started to 'curl' up at the edges too soon so I think my tension may have been a bit too tight, but I am still really pleased with the finished basket. You can't see the holes here and a couple of messy bits at the back, but I love it anyway!! How cute does it look with her little bunnies inside waiting for her.

Anyway I hope this inspires you to give crochet a go if you have been wanting too and if you are a pro and have any tips or know of anything lovely you think I'd like to try next - please let me know !

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pregnancy Pillow

Since before I was even pregnant, we had a V pillow in the house. So I started using this when I became pregnant to try and sleep a bit more comfortably.

I have always been such a good sleeper but with certain comforts that disappear with pregnancy along with the pressure of trying to sleep on your left hand side (after 16 - 20 weeks) I was struggling to sleep.

So I did a bit of research and found this Theraline original pillow had great reviews and was super excited to try it.

When it came - I took it out the box and I think I pretty much lay on the sofa with it and had an awesome nap.

It's much longer than the v pillow and the inside is like the filling of a beanbag and can only be described as so 'touchy feely'. It's SO easy to move the filling to where you want it, you might want more or less under your head or between your knees.

You kind of just sink in to it too - it's seriously like the pillow is giving you a hug ! It's described as feeling like sand - but as light as a feather - which it is !

My favourite way to use the pillow is in front of me, with the top bit under my head and the bottom bit between my knees. I also use it to sit up in bed behind me and read - it's really supportive and I think it will be really great for when it comes to feeding.

Image: John Lewis

I have also been putting it behind me to stop me rolling on to my back and there is still enough of it to come through my knees and up in front of my belly.

I can really recommend this pillow to anyone who is struggling to get comfy at night when pregnant and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

You can buy it from John Lewis or Theraline and find out much more about the benefits.

Let me know if you buy one or have one yourself and what you think ! Every mama to be should have one !

Here's to a cosy nights sleep :)

This is not a sponsored post, but I was sent a pillow to see if I liked it and I LOVE it and would totally buy it myself and will recommend to any friends in their future pregnancies.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gender Reveal

Some of you may have already seen on Instagram but we know the gender of our baby...

When I discovered Baby Bond and the fact you could find out the gender of your baby at 16 weeks, I had a quick chat with Si and we decided almost instantly to book a scan.

My family all knew the scan date for the gender reveal at 20 weeks, so we thought it would be a nice surprise to not tell them about this one - and pop round and surprise them all early !!

It didn't quite go to plan though as my Mum, Dad, Sister and her fiancé had planned a last minute trip away for the weekend - so the plan was to wait until they got back to tell them. I couldn't wait though and didn't like the thought of them not knowing, so we told them the plan and they were going to wait until they got back to find out.... that didn't go to plan either, but ill get back to that later.

So anyway, we only had about 4 days to keep it quiet and it was crazy to get our heads around the fact we were going to know so soon!

I have always just thought I would have a girl, thats why I wanted to find out, just so I could mentally prepare for a boy (obviously being happy either way) and Si wanted to know too so that was good !

I couldn't sleep the night before I was SO excited and nervous, its such a huge deal knowing before I think as you won't get that 'surprise' when the baby is born so it's kind of a big deal at this point.

Anyway, we turned up and were given lovely drinks whilst we waited to go through. We went to the Portsmouth one and it was really nice inside. The lady was really lovely and explained everything first and gave Si a picture of what we were looking for.

We had about 10 minutes of the scan before we found out ... the baby was hiding and in a funny position so I had to move about quite a bit to get the right angle, but suddenly, she said..... 'Ooh I can see 3 little white lines......" this meant GIRL !! It's a girl !!! I couldn't believe it. Well I could, but I was just SO overwhelmed with happiness, it just felt SO right.

She was wriggling about so much we got to watch her for another 10 minutes or so and we even bought a DVD of the scan - something SO precious to keep forever. Our families have LOVED watching this too. It's been so special to share it with them !

We left feeling so excited and I headed straight for John Lewis. I know it sounds silly and cliche but I had seen the most beautiful changing mat (I know its early) but I just couldn't bear to wait ! Click here to see how beautiful it is !! We also bought a cute little pink bunny to remember the day we found out.

I had then made some blue & pink cards for the families so we could share the news. They had either you are going to have a Granddaughter, Grandson, Niece or Nephew and It's a girl or It's a boy too ! I also had balloons with either 'its a girl or 'its a boy' on them and sprinkles to put in the cards !

The designs are here if you'd like to use them.  It's a girl  It's a boy Granddaughter Grandson Niece Nephew

So I made up the cards in the car and off we went to tell Si's family. Everyone was SO shocked and surprised we had been, so it was SO much fun to tell everyone ! They are all over the moon (I think) Especially Si's brother and wife as they have a little girl, so they can be best friends :)

SO on to my family .... I COULD NOT, NOT TELL THEM - so we got them on Facetime and broke the happy news !! It wasn't quite how I wanted to tell them, but I couldn't know and have them not know - so we decided to tell them and they are SO happy and excited !!

We are so so happy about meeting our little girl and just feel so blessed and excited for this journey !

How did you reveal your gender if you found out ? I'd love to hear !

Thanks for reading,

Michelle x

P.S If you would like to know prices check here for more info.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

I am pregnant !

OK, so most of you may have seen on Instagram recently that..... I am pregnant !! We are expecting our first baby early November this year and are just SO happy and excited about it !

I just wanted to share on here a little bit about my experience with finding out and sharing the news. It's quite a strange time as you aren't really supposed to tell many people until you reach 12 weeks so it can feel a little lonely. Well, your family and close friends know but when you can't share it on social media it's kinda strange ha !

So, when I found out, I was totally surprised. We had been 'trying' for a few months and I had seen a few negative tests so I really wasn't thinking anything of it this particular month but when I was a couple of days late I decided to do a test one morning. It was just one of the cheap ones I had so I did the test, watched for a couple of minutes - it was negative. So I went away and carried on working for a few hours. Then it dawned on me - I actually didn't leave it for the whole 10 minutes - so I went back - took it out the packet and there were TWO lines. Two lines means pregnant. I stood there shaking for a little bit and immediately did another one. This time the two lines appeared much quicker. I kind of didn't believe them though as they were so cheap, which is silly as they do work but hey.

I did go out and buy two clear blue ones - just to be sure and it was just SO exciting to see the word 'Pregnant' !!

So anyway, Si was at work and I couldn't just ring him to tell him, I had to wait until he got home from work which was SO hard, especially as I spoke to him a few times through the day and he wasn't having the best day - so I was worried he'd be grumpy when he got home ha !

My next instinct was to call my Mum. I wanted to be able to tell her in person really but she was going in to hospital for an operation in like an hour (and was super nervous) so I just had to call her. She was over the moon and I was SO happy I phoned her as it totally calmed her nerves as she was just so excited about being a Grandma ! I think she told a few of the nurses !! So of course my Dad knew too and I spoke to him later when he was in Tesco of all places and he was so excited!

When Si got home I said I wanted to tell him about my day but I wanted him to open this card first. He had recently just got a new job so I think he might've thought it was a present for him - oops. He half opened it and then I think guessed what it was and got a little nervous !! We laughed and hugged and he was SO calm and happy it was amazing. He's still so calm to this day. (so far)

I was seeing my Sister in about 2 days so I decided to wait and tell her then and I am SO glad I did. She was there with her fiancé and they are right in Wedding planning mode, so I asked her if it would be OK if me and Si brought one other guest to the wedding.... at first she was a little bit unsure as to who we meant and said something like 'of course, what do you mean to the ceremony or to the evening?" as if to say - who is this person you want to invite to MY wedding - haha ! Anyway I went on to tell her it would be her Niece or Nephew as we were having a baby and she was SO excited !!! I think she was in total shock for a little bit as her fiancé got up and hugged me first. It was a really lovely moment !!

We then went on to share the news with Si's family and they were equally all SO over the moon and so excited !! It's just such a wonderful thing to be able to do and I loved every minute of it !

I have extended family in Scotland too and we were luckily going up in a week or so's time anyway for my Grandmas birthday so we got to share the news with them all too. Again - so much fun and everyone was so happy & excited !!

Anyway, I am still coming to terms with it all, I don't think it really sinks in for a long time, but I am loving every moment of it. I will share some things from my first trimester next and if you have any questions just let me know below,

Thanks for reading,

Michelle x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My favourite Chocolate Milkshake

I ummed and ahhed about what to call this - is it a smoothie - is it a milkshake - but I then settled on my favourite chocolate milkshake because that's how it feels to me ! I have one almost every day. I will have it for breakfast, brunch or an afternoon snack and it curbs that sweet craving you get perfectly. Plus it's 2 of your 5 a day ! How can you go wrong ?

It doesn't taste 'good for you' - but it is !

All you will need is:

1 glass cold almond Milk (or milk of choice) I use Rude Health or make my own.
1 banana
tbsp almond butter
2 medjool dates (soak these for a few minutes before if a little hard)
1tsp raw cacao powder (more if you like it chocolatey)

Pop it all in the blender and whizz.

I have the amazing Vitamix which allows you to choose the 'smoothie' setting and it does the work for you, otherwise blend well for about a minute !

Pop in your favourite glass with ice & a paper straw & enjoy ! 

Let me know if you try it and if you love it as much as I do ! I hope you do ! 

P.S this would go GREAT with pancakes today ! Enjoy x

I have been lent a Vitamix to enjoy but this is not sponsored. I just wish I could keep it forever because it's AMAZING! 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bruges at Christmas

I know it's a little late to be talking about Christmas, (or early, it depends how you look at it!) but I really wanted to share a little bit from our trip to Bruges incase you have been thinking about going & to inspire you to start planning for next Christmas ! 

From the moment we arrived in the square at night (we got a taxi from the station which took about 5 minutes) I was in love with Bruges. It was dark so the square had such a magical christmassy feel to it and we were so happy to discover just how close our hotel was to the square. We stayed at Martins Bruges and we really happy with it. The rooms were basic but modern and the bar area was lovely. The breakfast was a delicious buffet (I love a hotel buffet) and the range was amazing ! I had a bit of everything !

As soon as we dropped our bags off we ventured out in to the square. We couldn't believe the location, it was so good ! It turned out to be perfect for us as when we had bought too much shopping / got really cold - we could quickly nip back easily. 

We had a hot dog from one of the street vendors and it was delicious ! 

We then chose a restaurant that we could sit outside because they had these lovely little fires on the tables and I ordered a waffle with cream and chocolate sauce & a baileys hot chocolate (not cheap) and Si had a baileys coffee. It was the perfect start to our little break and I think my favourite moment of the whole trip - just look at that view (1st image).

We then walked down the road to find the iconic view in Bruges (2nd image) and it was even more beautiful in real life. 

Then back to the hotel bar and we had our first Belgium beer - I am not really a big beer drinker - but it had to be done and I actually really enjoyed it. 

The next day we ventured out to the Old Chocolate House cafe - a lovely friend on Instagram had told me about it and it didn't disappoint.

Just LOOK at that hot chocolate. The cup was the size of my head and I just loved that you got to add your own chocolate and whisk it in. You got to choose between milk, white or dark chocolate. Amazing.

Walking around was just so christmassy, I absolutely loved it.

We then climbed the Belfry and you can see the view from the top (4th image below) was well worth the hundreds of steps and having to stop to keep letting people past on the way down.

It was pretty steep and on the way back down I had to get Si to carry my bag as I thought I was going to go flying down the stairs - I was happy to reach the bottom !

We were really lucky that the boats were still running - I think they close if the weathers really bad but it was quite mild when we were there, cold but mild so that was amazing. The little boats takes you all around the city and it's a great way to see everything. The 2nd image below is the hotel from the film 'In Bruges'.

I think what I loved most about Bruges was just walking around and the christmas lights at night, I went Ice Skating, ate way too many chocolates (oh my - the chocolate shops - there are SO many), at chips with mayo, shopped til we dropped (they have Mango, H&M, Zara & C&A - who remembers C&A - ha!) - everything was just fabulous and the perfect city to visit at Christmas. I will definitely be going again ! We also went on a horse and carriage ride at night & it was just so beautiful, was about 39 euros, but worth it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and it has helped if you have been considering Bruges for a city break ! Let me know if you like these kind of posts and I will share more places I have been ! 

Thanks for reading, 


Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy 2015


Sorry I am a little late to wish you all a happy new year - where has the time gone ? I can't believe we are nearing the end of January. I have slowly slid in to 2015. I had such a wonderful Christmas, seeing friends and family, eating WAY too much, spent a lovely weekend in Bruges and have just enjoyed relaxing and having a lot of 'me time'.

I found this lovely quote on Pinterest and it's from the Thyme is Honey blog and I can totally relate to all of them so I wanted to share it. I am a sucker for lists and goals but have yet to set any in writing. I know what I want though - so I am working on it, maybe I will print this out, does anyone have any advice for setting goals and sticking to them ?

My main one is my health. You may have noticed the recent healthy posts on here, that's because I am trying my best to get this on track. I will be sharing more as & when I find inspiration or yummy recipes to share. I have been doing a little yoga and really enjoying it - although I seem to have lost my trainers - I really need to find them and get out jogging ! 

Send more snail mail - this one is really exciting for me as I have signed up for 'Happy Mail' by A Beautiful Mess - each month you receive a selection of stationery, so I will definitely be doing more of this, check it out - it's all been gorgeous so far !

Travel - this is something I love to do but haven't done much of recently, so I am going to try and make some plans, I would love to go to Santorini this year ! Lets see ! 

Let me know your plans and goals for 2015 (or forever goals) & I wish you a happy 2015! 

Michelle x 

P.S I have had a little blog refresh - what do you think ? x