Thursday, 28 May 2015

I am pregnant !

OK, so most of you may have seen on Instagram recently that..... I am pregnant !! We are expecting our first baby early November this year and are just SO happy and excited about it !

I just wanted to share on here a little bit about my experience with finding out and sharing the news. It's quite a strange time as you aren't really supposed to tell many people until you reach 12 weeks so it can feel a little lonely. Well, your family and close friends know but when you can't share it on social media it's kinda strange ha !

So, when I found out, I was totally surprised. We had been 'trying' for a few months and I had seen a few negative tests so I really wasn't thinking anything of it this particular month but when I was a couple of days late I decided to do a test one morning. It was just one of the cheap ones I had so I did the test, watched for a couple of minutes - it was negative. So I went away and carried on working for a few hours. Then it dawned on me - I actually didn't leave it for the whole 10 minutes - so I went back - took it out the packet and there were TWO lines. Two lines means pregnant. I stood there shaking for a little bit and immediately did another one. This time the two lines appeared much quicker. I kind of didn't believe them though as they were so cheap, which is silly as they do work but hey.

I did go out and buy two clear blue ones - just to be sure and it was just SO exciting to see the word 'Pregnant' !!

So anyway, Si was at work and I couldn't just ring him to tell him, I had to wait until he got home from work which was SO hard, especially as I spoke to him a few times through the day and he wasn't having the best day - so I was worried he'd be grumpy when he got home ha !

My next instinct was to call my Mum. I wanted to be able to tell her in person really but she was going in to hospital for an operation in like an hour (and was super nervous) so I just had to call her. She was over the moon and I was SO happy I phoned her as it totally calmed her nerves as she was just so excited about being a Grandma ! I think she told a few of the nurses !! So of course my Dad knew too and I spoke to him later when he was in Tesco of all places and he was so excited!

When Si got home I said I wanted to tell him about my day but I wanted him to open this card first. He had recently just got a new job so I think he might've thought it was a present for him - oops. He half opened it and then I think guessed what it was and got a little nervous !! We laughed and hugged and he was SO calm and happy it was amazing. He's still so calm to this day. (so far)

I was seeing my Sister in about 2 days so I decided to wait and tell her then and I am SO glad I did. She was there with her fiancé and they are right in Wedding planning mode, so I asked her if it would be OK if me and Si brought one other guest to the wedding.... at first she was a little bit unsure as to who we meant and said something like 'of course, what do you mean to the ceremony or to the evening?" as if to say - who is this person you want to invite to MY wedding - haha ! Anyway I went on to tell her it would be her Niece or Nephew as we were having a baby and she was SO excited !!! I think she was in total shock for a little bit as her fiancé got up and hugged me first. It was a really lovely moment !!

We then went on to share the news with Si's family and they were equally all SO over the moon and so excited !! It's just such a wonderful thing to be able to do and I loved every minute of it !

I have extended family in Scotland too and we were luckily going up in a week or so's time anyway for my Grandmas birthday so we got to share the news with them all too. Again - so much fun and everyone was so happy & excited !!

Anyway, I am still coming to terms with it all, I don't think it really sinks in for a long time, but I am loving every moment of it. I will share some things from my first trimester next and if you have any questions just let me know below,

Thanks for reading,

Michelle x